Carolyn Smith continues his battle against cancer: he's back


Published on Sep 27, 2019


Very often on tv, on social, on the websites of information, spread news that affect the health of the characters in the world of the show that are inaccurate. You create alarmism or they talk about the diseases that do not exist, we confuse evil with another. For this reason Carloyn Smith has decided to continue to communicate in the first person the news about his condition. And unfortunately, two days ago, he had to announce to the thousands of people that follow with affection, the one who would never wanted to say it again. The cancer has come back, the battle continues.

And so two days ago, Smith wanted to communicate directly with the people that follow it, posting this message:

Here's the official news (that do I) about my health. The result of the PET: the show must go on... Good news to be positive: I don't have cells or cellular (😂) around the body. He was excited about it. Good news is less positive: the tumor has not gone away and he woke up a little bit. I was hoping to hear the magic words “It's over, the fight.” It will be for another time. I will continue to fight in a positive way and with a smile (tomorrow). Good evening to all! ❤️ #smile #woman #wonderwoman #SorridoENonMolloMai

But Carolyn you know, has an overwhelming force and despite everything, continues to do his work and continues to travel around Italy and not only.

This evening, after midnight, I'll be in the link on @rai1official with @raiportaaporta. I'll be waiting!!! ❤️ #portaaporta #rai1

A post shared by Carolyn Smith (@carolynsmith5) on Sep 25, 2019 at 11:29am PDT

His strength and his energy are definitely of example, for those who, like her, is fighting this type of battle. Once again we hope to Carolyn to be the warrior that you have already, with the hope that on this occasion the monster will be knocked down.

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