Carolyn Smith commented on the love triangle Veera-Osvaldo-Oradei


Published on Jul 30, 2019


He decided to tell her, after the official announcement of the story between Veera Kinnunen and Stefano Oradei also Carolyn Smith, the two teachers of Dancing with the stars knows them really well. The president of the jury of Dancing with the stars in the course of the program had always defended the private lives of two dancers, but now he wants to say what he thinks even to answer all the people who have attacked Milly Carlucci for his defense Veera in an episode of Dancing with the stars.

The president of the jury of Dancing with the stars, takes the part of Milly Carlucci and believes that the presenter has done more than well to say what he thought about Oradei in the course of the direct of the program.

First to post the video for the Smith wrote:

Surely the people attacking me... it doesn't matter. I have broad shoulders. But not only that, free of charge, people are critical when they don't know the history to 360 degrees. Milly has done his duty

Perhaps, however, after that Milly in one of his interview for Tvblog said explicitly that Stephen went beyond the words, people will have understood that the presenter has necessarily had to take a position.

I know Stephen and Veera for many years, both have been my students, Stephen is a lovely guy and Veera is a person nice and serious and I want to both really well. Unfortunately, they had a difficult situation that they have not been able to manage in the right way. Stephen was overly impulsive and has created difficulties for Veera and the production of Dancing. Jealousy is a bad thing and cannot be an excuse for wrong attitudes. And then... Who is without sin? In short, we understood each other... Milly acted as a leader in the defense of his program and has done more than well. If one is jealous, you absolutely can't trigger a casino on his place of work. Veera has never done this when he could...

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