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Published on Aug 27, 2019


There is a chasm giant in the world of television, and that chasm is called Game of Thrones.

The main production houses were thrown up in a frantic race against time in the style of Battle Royale (not the kind of game very popular in this period, but their film of the 2000 Kinji Fukasaku) to fill it as soon as possible: there is Netflix with The Witcher, the Dark Crystal: the Age of Resistance, and even the remake of The Chronicles of Narnia, there is the HBO with These Dark Subjects, The Nevers of Joss Whedon and the prequel of GOT the same, there is CBS, with the Shadow of The Scorpion, Stephen King, and especially, there is Amazon, a reality more and more present and combative in the context of the on-demand streaming, which apart from adding to The Black Tower – after the disastrous full-length film by Nikolaj Arcel – is also working on Conan the Barbarian (with director Miguel Sapochnik made famous to the great public by The Throne of Swords), a La Wheel of Time, and of course, he also knows those who follow us from Saturn, a new adaptation tolkeniano inspired in the Second age of Middle-Earth.

Before all of this, however, the limelight will try to steal a fantasy to be small from the claims, the appearance of infinitesimal titled Carnival Row, coincidence of coincidence begins exactly as it ends the Game of Thrones: there you forwarding them wearily in a snow-covered forest, hoping in the future more idyllic, but here by a snow-covered forest fled at breakneck speed because the the future, want to negartelo.

To be critical of the quote is obvious and immediate, but also subtle and ingenious, and although neither Amazon nor the creators of the series, René Echevarria and Travis Beacham is to try and replicate the success of the masterpiece by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, Carnival Row of arrows to its bow – or better to say the bullets in the barrel – it has to sell.

Born to be a feature length film with the title " A Killing on Carnival Row, spect script signed always by Beacham – and this already says a lot about the relationship of a trade-off that the alloy film and television today – the series first, features a pair of protagonists rather functional and instantly recognizable as Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, he the lord is not featured in the first main role important by the time of The Crusades, Ridley Scott, she is the enfant prodige of the Star System, all-round, from fashion to music to cinema.

Together with them there will also be Indira Varma (fans of GOT will recognise as Ellaria Sand), and the ubiquitous Jamie Harris but, above all, David Gyasi, and Tamzin Merchant, a true second pair from the love story complicated even more exciting than that of the characters.

The one that convinces more than any way, the net of visual effects, for which there can be tearing your hair out, is the miscellanea of genres that Carnival Row introjects and model, creating a world that is specific and special rather fitting with the type of history that wants to tell, is very much linked to the History and the horror that can hide the different (an idea very deltoriana, and the cinema of Guillermo Del Toro is very strong in the eight episodes of the first season, both thematically and visually).

Between costume drama, romance, historical, noir and of course fantasy, we find ourselves in a world of neo-victorian populated by mythical creatures, that because of a devastating war, they have been forced to leave their homeland and live in conditions that are often precarious, in the ghettos of the cities of men. With the tension growing between citizens and immigrants, magical, Rycroft Philostrate (Bloom), a police inspector, she finds herself in the hands of the brutal murder of a showgirl fairy, belonging to the same breed of Cartoons Stonemoss (Delevingne), his old lover lost sight of for a long time for reasons that we are certainly to reveal.

There is a bit of a story social dickensian with the bowlers to Peaky Blinders, there is of course Game of Thrones (a whole episode seems to be shot in the Great Winter, but we can not say), there is a bit of The Alienist, and then also a bit of Jack The Ripper but in spite of this great tangle of plots, subplots, and influences, everything seems to be very, incredibly specific, and, above all, pretty funny: really exudes a strong air of freshness and looking at the scenery and the places within which the characters move, a world that surprisingly has inspired others, completely original and not the result of adaptation by who knows what literary saga, comics or video games.

Probably the original work, the most impactful of the past few years is John Wick, but also Carnival Row would do her great figure in a franchise, expanded and Amazon, which has already renewed the series for a second season despite the first not yet aired, should be aware of it already realized. We can not confirm.

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