Careful Apple, Spotify wants to improve the recommendations of the songs


Published on May 19, 2017


Spotify feeds the battle against Apple's Music and captures the world number, a company specialized in machine learning that could significantly improve the recommendations offered by the music service streaming.

The acquisition of the world number, was announced yesterday by Spotify and it is the fourth of the “purchase” made from the beginning of the year, a sign that Spotify wants to significantly improve its service to increase the separation of users compared to Apple's Music.

The world number is a small startup with a parisian who has developed a series of learning algorithms, using advanced technologies of machine learning. This system is capable of analyzing the digital music and to offer suggestions, based on your previous ratings. In the past, world number had already offered a number of services at Spotify, dedicated to the recommendation of the songs.

In the past, the world number has also marketed its technology to the IA, offering publishers and artists with a powerful search engine specialized audio: by uploading an audio track, the system processes all of and offers a list of similar songs.

By leveraging these technologies, Spotify will be able to significantly improve the engine that manages the recommendations of songs according to the listening preferences of users. In addition, this technology also allows you to perform advanced searches, for example, by writing “female pop vocal” or “saxophone jazz” to find songs with this content!

The team of world number one will transfer to New York, at the offices of Spotify.

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