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Published on May 02, 2019


1/10Gandon Simon, Just a story, and then bed! Federico Appel The great robbery of the train, Sinnos2/10Gandon Simon, Just a story, and then bed! Sinnos3/10Gandon Simon, Just a story, and then bed! Sinnos4/10Gandon Simon, Just a story, and then bed! Sinnos5/10Gandon Simon, Just a story, and then bed! Sinnos6/10Federico Appel, The great robbery of the train, Sinnos7/10Federico Appel, The great robbery of the train, Sinnos8/10Federico Appel, The great robbery of the train, Sinnos9/10Federico Appel, The great robbery of the train, Sinnos10/10Federico Appel, The great robbery of the train, Sinnos

You have in mind those evenings exhilarated, maybe in the middle of the summer, in which the ferment of the whole of the day I can find peace and the children jump from one bed to another, not because they are tired, but because they are too?

In two of the new for early readers proposed by Sinnos the air you breathe, it is this: I'm talking about Just a story, and then bed! and The big heist at the train.

The first text signed by Marion Gandon and Laurent Simon is a hilarious little collection of stories (3 to be precise): a few ingredients that come back and return in the stories, the protagonists are directly elected among the listeners (in this case the entire group of girls friends), a tapestry of hilarious that they play on the thread of the possible and the absurd... in a word, laughter guaranteed.

This is the framework: Flavia, Naomi, Charlotte and Bianca are four friends, most likely on vacation together, on a warm summer evening, massed on the mattress in the bottom of a bunk bed ask Mariamne (the sister?) tell them a story. ""Okay, but just one though!"".

In a game of literature that seeks to reproduce the improvisation of the moment, the stories depart from real-life experiences, perhaps their moments spent together in the day now once at the end, but then you tangle – through procedures messy and unpredictable, thanks to imagination and magic, results hilarious and full of joy.

In the first story the girls do a bike ride, Bianca is a little slow so Carlotta "ride strong," the league his bike with a big elastic band to help you not remain back. Who would have imagined, however, that at the first turn the horns of a cow, you would be entangled in the bike White? And who could have predicted that a snail would have caused an accident cycling, launching the White directly on the back of a cow? And then who would have expected that Flavia would be back and would climb on the back of a sheep? And then and then... how will it end the story?

The illustrations take us back on the top bunk, but the first story was so funny that of course the girls they claim another that will start in Charlotte, and his slippers are not just fragrant, and then of course another that will speak of bunk beds.

The stories are absurd and simple (but not banal!) in a mix really enjoyable. The actions start from a base of friendship and smiling friendly of these four girls and they arise in joints with unpredictable and hilarious. The font is capitalized, and this makes the book a perfect plan for readers at the end of the first-graders want to read a book all laugh.

The second proposal, instead, he takes up a theme topical of the kitchen adventure: the robbery of the train.

The story is constructed in such a way spectacular, as we were witnessing a theatrical representation. In the opening the characters are in advance and described, such as in a script, from that moment on, the protagonist, a small child with a boater and bow tie, he will start his journey in the company of the taming of the aunt.

The double pages are designed to give the impression of the passing of the train: wagons in the foreground (that changes if the characters move to the inside), and a background of almost imperceptible changing, and large windows that make us peek between the compartments. The text simply reports the dialogue that the characters are framed to utter. The direct speech are fast-paced, messy, twisted (in each compartment it is possible that there are voices that interlace, above, or which carry on the talks on autonomous...), in spite of this confusion (on first reading you may not understand who is talking to whom), the story follows the relentless the course, guided mainly by the protagonist, who keeps his eyes open:

""Look over there" "that's Nice. You're good, but,” “And look over there,” “You sit” “What are those things on the horizon?” “DO NOT TURN AWAY! It is not polite to go around to the cubicles!” "Full of aces!"". Among the indians who are primary school teachers, and bands of bandits, notorious, robot companions, the sellers of pots and pans, the sheriffs put out by petticoats flying, pigs and ostriches that serve as mounts, bears, taught, slingshots, kidnapping, guns... the adventure is guaranteed and carried out of the narrative bind to characters less predictable! The train will arrive at the station and the journey will remain unforgettable.

The dialogues are fast paced and the fact that are not clearly traced back to who pronounces them, may at first leave estranged, however, this is a book that asks to be reread and reconsidered, because the story of the protagonists in the following ways independent and intertwined and go back in the pages is a pleasure is part of the narrative itself.

The whirlwind of adventure that advances in spite of you do not understand everything until the end is the true taste of this history and invites you, once again, do not underestimate the power of the images: look, learn to look at the illustrations without superficiality, you will understand better the text! And in this the illustrations by Federico Appel lend you with warmth and clarity: expressions and sequences are, in fact, clearly marked, in accordance with a technique more akin to the comics fiction illustrated. A book, whirling and frantic as only the great adventures can be.

By 7 years.

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