Cardiff: testing reveals potential low IQ in children. You could fix with medication

Published on Mar 24, 2014

Presented at the conference of the british Society for endocrinology in Liverpool, a genetic test able to measure the intelligence of a child and give way, if necessary, early intervention can correct a low IQ. Talking about it was Peter Taylor of Cardiff University, whose research is focused on an enzyme called deiodonase-2, involved in processing thyroid hormones inside cells. A mutation in the gene coding for the enzyme was already been associated with other health problems including diabetes and hypertension. “The new studies – reports the ‘Telegraph’ online – open to the possibility that around 30,000 children per year are seen diagnosed early and the problem is that they are treated with tablets for the thyroid before that their education is damaged. In addition, the thesis of the scientists suggests that up to 2.5 million people in Britain have a low iq, that he could be ‘taken care of’ during childhood.” Scientists from the universities of Cardiff and Bristol examined the genetic data of 3.123 children ‘under 7’ subjected to IQ tests. Those with thyroid hormone levels in the lower part of the range of normality, and that they also had the variant deiodonase-2 in question, are 4 times more at risk of having an Iq below 85. The researcher said: “If other work confirms our conclusion, there will be concrete benefits in the implementation of a test for this genetic variant, in addition to screening, thyroid neonatal standards, which might identify the children most at risk of developing a low iq”.

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