Car accessories for iPhone? Here's our selection of the best on Amazon


Published on Apr 06, 2018


We made for you a selection of the best car accessories, including media, USB ports, and dashcam. Let's find them out below in our dedicated article.

So let's start from a very comfortable and non-invasive that works through magnets and metal plate. This support Aukey works with all smartphones and is positioned in the vent of the air conditioning. It is also the most sold on Amazon. You can find it on Amazon at 6.99 euros.

Let us turn to an support always from the vent but not magnetic. It is a smartphone VAVA that features tabs for the fastening of the balance and secure your smartphone. You can find it at 9.99€ on Amazon.

We continue with a very minimal and useful to place the smartphone in the car without intruding into the spaces on the dashboard. Let's talk about the support UGREEN with 360° rotation, and the tabs that fit to the different devices. You can find it on Amazon at 9.99€.

We conclude with the media talking about this support from CD player to Spigen. It is a support that snaps into the slot of the CD of the car radio, and then integrates a magnet to support the smartphone. You can find it at 11,99€ on Amazon.

Let's start with one of the most convenient chargers USB port car cigarette lighter socket. This is a ultra-compact charger RAVPower with two USB ports with 2.4 A each. You can find it on Amazon at 7,99€.

The second charger is much more specific and it costs a lot more of the classic chargers. It is a charger Belkin USB-C with fast-charging at 27W perfect to recharge the MacBook drive. You can find it at 44,99€ on Amazon.

First of all, let's take a moment to understand what it is. A dashcam is simply a video camera for car that, once installed, it records our daily route, and allows us, in the unfortunate event of an accident, have a video to show the exact dynamics of the accident. It is a solution that more and more drivers all over the world choose to use, in order to protect your driving licence and insurance cover in the event of an accident.

This camera then serves practically as a “guarantee” that allows us to record any accidents or events of a particular importance in an automatic way. Clearly, with regard to the legal, to the use of the dash cam is only permitted if they comply with directions in respect of the Guarantor of privacy.

The first one we want to introduce you to works independently and records video on microSD card. It is a solution by Aukey that sits easily in the car. Find it at 69,99€ on Amazon.

The second solution is more complete and more soul-premium. It is a product of the Anker is a very complete and more expensive, which also works with the smartphone application. The Roav Dashcam of Anker is then available to 109,99€ on Amazon.

To conclude, there is a gadget very useful for monitoring the tyre pressure.

Aukey has created a product that, for a cost of less than 50€, allows us to monitor and keep under control the tire pressure of our car, in a simple and intuitive manner. Everything, clearly wireless.

The system has a pressure monitor for the tires and 4 sensors to be used on the respective tires. It is a system used for real-time monitoring of the pressure and temperature of the tyres which allows the sensors to send wireless data to the receiver, which then will display them on the small LCD display. Such a system allows to increase the efficiency of the vehicle, making the life of the tire longer and provide greater safety in driving.

You can find this product on Amazon at a price of 69,53€.

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