Captain Harlock, the film on Italia 1 in the late evening.


Published on Nov 20, 2019


Italia 1 will broadcast the second evening the animated film Capitan Harlock 3D film in computer graphics directed by Shinji Aramaki (Appleseed, Ultraman) based on characters from the original manga master Leiji Matsumoto (published by Goen in Italy).

The airing is scheduled for 00.01 on this night (actually, November 21, 2019), right after Iron Man.

In 2977, the universe is populated by 500 billion people, but these do not live on the Earth. The planet, now...

Posted by Italia1 on Wednesday 20 November 2019

Released in the cinemas of Japan, 7 September 2013, in Italy, the film got thanks to Lucky Red in 2014:

Captain Harlock is the only man left to oppose the corrupt Coalition Gaia, and to try to prevent the extension of its domain over the entire world intergalactic. Decided to take revenge, the mysterious space pirate roams the universe on his ship of war, the Arcadia.

For the sake of the Coalition of the 500 billion humans scattered around the universe are yearning to return to that planet that still feel like home. The rebel Harlock and his troops trusted, they are the only hope for the human race. The long-awaited return of the famous and mysterious anti-hero created by Matsumoto.

Captain Harlock, the film on Italia 1 today in the second part of the evening is




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