Captain Harlock: a new manga from the French Jérôme Alquié


Published on Jun 19, 2019


Akita Shoten has launched a new manga devoted to the Capitan Harlock of Leiji Matsumoto with the title Captain Harlock – Arcadia no Kioku (Capitan Harlock – Mémoires de L Arcadia), or Captain Harlock – Memories of Arcadia, on his website, Manga Cross.

Couverture du premier tome de la série "Capitaine #Albator – Mémoires de l Arcadia" de Jérôme Alquié.

The série fera 3 tomes et sera en vente à partir du 28 Juin 2019 aux @EditionsKana.

— Leiji News / 零士ニュース (@Leiji_News) April 15, 2019

The designs of a French talent, Jérôme Alquié, while Matsumoto is credited for the work and the original drawings. The manga is a collaboration between Akita Shoten and the French publisher Kana, which will publish in France the work.

The story of the manga begins with the queen Raflesia, the leader of a fleet mazoniana, which navigates through the depths of space to conquer the Earth. In the meantime, the outposts mazoniani, who have lived on the Earth before the humanity, they begin to awaken and wreak havoc on the planet. It is up to the space pirate Harlock, his crew and his ship, the Arcadia, to fight to save humanity.

The character of Harlock is one of the most famous of Matsumoto and appears in many of his works. Also Raflesia and the mazoniane are old enemies of the character, as will remember those who are fans of the television series, anime.

The original manga in Italy has had several editions, the last of which is the work of the RW Editions.

Captain Harlock: a new manga from the French Jérôme Alquié is




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