Cancer, eating organic food reduces the risk of developing it

Published on Oct 26, 2018

Cancer: people who follow a diet mainly based on organic foods would have an overall reduction in the risk of developing a cancer by 25%. And’ what emerges from a French study published on Jama internal Medicine.

The researchers between may 2009 and November 2016 have examined 68.946 adult volunteers the French, who were followed for four and a half years. The study has taken into account many factors that can predispose to the development of a patolgia tumor: for example, age, sex, lifestyle, nutrition and education.

The researchers found a general reduction of risk of cancer for those who followed an organic diet. In particular, the reduction was even greater for two types of cancer: lymphoma risk is reduced by 76% and breast carcinoma in post menopause with a reduction of 34%.

Julia Baudry, researcher, research Center for Epidemiology and Statistics Sorbonne, in Paris, and lead author of the study, stresses that:

“the most surprising finding was the extent of the reduction, that is far from usually risk observed for nutritional factors”

However, the results of this study should be contextualized, in the sense that there are limits to take into account. For example, despite the high number of participants, in most cases, these were women well educated and very health-conscious. Furthermore, volunteers were followed for a period of 4 years and a half. For these reasons, Frank B. Hu, chairman of the nutrition department, Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health explains that:

“This is an area that is very difficult to study and it is very difficult to assess with precision the regular consumption of organic food”.

“Overall, these results interesting, but very preliminary,” it Would be premature to formulate recommendations on the consumption of organic food based on this study”.

Experts point out that in non-organic food there are more traces of pesticides that may be considered carcinogenic and therefore hazardous to our health. While fruit, vegetables and other organic foods to eliminate the risk that may result from the consumption of foods with higher pesticide residues.

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