Cancellation of Telecom (TIM) module and what to do

Published on Oct 06, 2016

Are you tired of your subscription and you want to make the cancellation of Telecom (TIM)? The relationships with the suppliers of telephone services or the Internet, such as Telecom, some of the times are not idyllic. It can happen to have problems with the connection or to receive bills too expensive. If you have problems and you are tired of the Tim (Telecom), let's see how to make the cancellation of Telecom (TIM), going to another operator, or by using the right of withdrawal within 14 days

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If you want to stop the telephone line at all (not passing to the new operator) you can use the form of cancellation of the telecom present on the site. Instead, if you have a phone included in the contract, you'll have to use this. Please fill out the form and print it. You'll have to send it by registered mail To/R at the address on the sheet (Telecom Italia S. p.a Service Residential Customers, po Box 211, 14100 Asti (AT)) together with an identity document. The request should be accepted within 15 days.

You can anticipate the sending of the registered letter by calling 187.

As regards the costs, they vary, depending on your contract but generally are of 35€ for the ADSL and 99€ for the Optical Fiber. In most you will have to pay any penalties due to early withdrawal from the contract. In the event you have equipment on loan you will have to return them within 30 days from the deactivation of the Telecom line.

You can send them to the address listed on the page of TIM form together with the accompaniment.

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If you want to make the cancellation of Telecom (TIM), and switch to another operator, then the procedure is more simple. You will just have to sign the contract with the new operator explaining the migration code. It is an alphanumeric code contained on the bill that identifies the line. Without the code migration step can take place. The transfer from Telecom (TIM) to the chosen operator should be within 10 to 15 days. In this period you will not be without a line for when it will be detached from that of Telecom, the new operator to reattach immediately.

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Also in this case we have to return the devices and pay the costs, and here also depends on your contract. If you have done the first step of the minimum limit you have to pay a penalty fee (usually the cost of activation of the line that would otherwise be free).

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All operators, by law, allow you to make use of this possibility. If you have signed a contract for less than 14 days, you can exercise your right of withdrawal and to make sure that the contract will be cancelled without additional costs. To do this, download the form from the website and compile it. Then mail or fax (to the number 800.000187) or by registered mail A/R address:

This procedure, however, is only valid for those who have made the contract less than 14 days and away from the centers of TIM (for example, by telephone). For all other cases you will need to follow the methods shown above. Also in this case, however, you must return the rental gear.

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Well, that's all: if you have problems with the procedure of cancellation of the Telecom (TIM) please do not hesitate to leave us a comment and we will try to help you in the procedure.

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