Can Yaman in Italy: very True and There is mail for you expect?


Published on Oct 09, 2019


Can Yaman soon will arrive in Italy: what will you do in our country? The actor is Turkish, who has dressed the role of Ferit in Bitter Sweet-the Ingredients of love, is really beloved in Italy and it seems that Mediaset is ready to invest on him, waiting then to see him again maybe in the summer in another tv series or soap that Channel 5 could be broadcast! But back to the actor: where we will see him? You don't have certain information, but considering that there are a few days, in particular for the recording of "True" that might take place between tomorrow and after tomorrow, we can imagine that soon you will have official news. In fact, it seems that Can Yaman will be one of the next guests very True. The actor could be accepted in the program, Silvia University. Closed the parenthesis dedicated to the actors of The secret, very True, could open the doors to other faces, loved the small screen!

Not only that, True should not be the only program in which to see the beloved actor in Turkish!

It seems that, Can Yaman in Italy for a week, you may also have other commitments. The actor may also arrive in Rome, after that of Milan, for the recording of an episode of c'รจ posta per te. The program of Maria de Filippi will be aired from January 2020, and in the last few weeks recorded the first episodes of the new edition. At the moment there are very few news about the program of Channel 5, but it seems that Can Yaman you may be one of the guests of this new edition of the program.

We can't give you certainties, but of course, fans of the Italian handsome actor will not lose sight of his movements on the social to try to find out some more details!

For the moment the actor on social did you know that 16 October will be in Cannes! Can Yaman has a population of over 5.5 million followers on the social, success truly exceptional and has already been in our country on several occasions. Also at the end of August, in fact, the actor is shown in his glory as he took the sun in our country!

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