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Published on Sep 27, 2019


1/8Vacanze camping - Shelf 2/8Tortolini - Colaone, Anna and the famous adventure in the fairy wood, Bao3/8Tortolini - Colaone, Anna and the famous adventure in the fairy wood, Bao4/8Tortolini - Colaone, Anna and the famous adventure in the fairy wood, Bao5/8Tortolini - Colaone, Anna and the famous adventure in the fairy wood, Bao

If you are not yet fully entered the routine of the fall and school and want to still enjoy some remnant of the summer, games with me for camping.

This summer, in fact, they came out for a comic book and a small booklet column with two adventures in the summer really enjoyable.

Anna and the famous adventure in the haunted forest of Luca Tortolini and Sara Colaone is a comic from the tone of the fairy-tale, filtered by the item self-confident of Anna, a young girl of 7-8 years. The construction of the narrative hinges up and down to the girl, a voice that lives in history and at the same time narrates directly to the reader, and it takes place in a space halfway between the real and the fantastic. From the campsite, to the woods, to the castle of the wicked witch. There are all the iconic characters of the fairy tale: the witch, the animal helpers, the forest as a land of passage, the dragon, the wolf... however, there is a modernity of the fund that makes the story interesting and “new”.

Anna, forced to travel between the mountains with his family (of course he would have preferred the sea), will have to cope with a little unexpected: the abduction of his entire family. The plot is well drawn, the character involving: the adventure is explained progressively and consequently, guiding the reader through the foliage of the forest. As in every fairy tale you have to pay attention to appearances, to be courageous, and kind, and not disdaining the aid unexpected. The yield of the accounts, of course you will not be alone!

The fourth cover, in presenting the story of Anna, saying "When you don't have time to be afraid, you discover that there is nothing to be afraid of, in the things that you do not know. And when you decide to stop being afraid, do you understand that those who are different from you is not to force an enemy...". I found it to be honestly heavy this presentation of a summer adventure, and a fairytale all in all prototypical, even if precisely intriguing and well-written that will surely have implications as also those indicated, but that is first and foremost a good story! Joyful and cared for the designs of Sara Colaone – even if a certain haste of execution on the final could not escape the most attentive observers – full of details and not discounted, especially in the games of the plans and in the organisation of the figures and in the sudden changes of point of view.

Edited in the clarity of the lettering (upper case) and this makes this comic a perfect book for early readers!

Another campsite, another company. The Bonelli's kids, a group of 8 kids, start to Field doom in a brief history of the comic strip now has only the name of the publisher.

On these characters is anything but simple children, the experts of the comics have been discussed widely (with more relevance than I could do it myself!), the characters are in fact born as protagonists of some of the strips published by the publisher with a very specific goal and only in a second moment they are born, the illustrated stories. I met the gang of kids in the story Fleeing from the Field of evil, and of this I have the pleasure to talk to you. With an air of certainly the most witty, this adventure purely male sees a group of kids forced to spend the holidays in an organized camping.

The point of view of those exclusive that only focuses on the perception of guys and amplifies it with irony all the excesses that children of 9-10 years of age love to express with vehemence. The context is that a topical application of the hellish place governed by rules and prohibitions in which the least one can do is try to escape, and in fact all the energies of the group of friends are used in a sort of path for the progressive dissolution of the barriers that prevent the scram. Between chips to make the call (you remember them?!) and flea markets, including bonfires and trips in the little train, will our heroes be able to escape? The tone of the narration is over the top, rich dialogue and essential, and winks to peers of the characters, ""Tomorrow, raise a totem as the indians". Martin raised his hand: “Which tribe of native americans exactly?” “The kick in the ass”, replied the instructor. “What tribe is that?” “It is not a tribe. Those are the ones that take if I hear another question like this!"". The final touch of the unexpected, even more so because the narrative seems quite predictable, gives that touch of originality unsettling that will leave a smile in the head.

Two different but specific proposals, ideal from 6 years, to return with the mind to the holidays: at the bottom here in Brianza there are still a lot of mosquitoes in the summer!

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