Camila Cabello has “stolen something” at Kensington Palace


Published on Nov 27, 2019


Photo via the web

In the last few hours Camila Cabello has literally made a fool of the web with a hilarious tale linked to his visit to Kensington Palace. Last month the singer was a guest in the home of William and Kate in occasionedell'event Radio 1's Teen Heroes.

Interviewed by BBC radio, the girlfriend of Shawn Mendes has admitted that they have resisted the idea of bring a “small gift” in memory of that day:

“At a certain point a person in the palace called me and said to me: ‘You got a pencil’ and I replied ‘No, it is not true’. In reality I had slipped into the bag of my mother and she is now I was saying ‘Oh God! We have to return it'”.

The singer, however, did not want to separate from his pencil, and continued to deny:

“Then I'm sorry, but I still am. I'm sorry Kate, I'm sorry William.”

The story of the Cabello has done immediately around the web, coming up to the staff of Kensington Palace, which has seized the opportunity to have their say on Twitter.

Below is the screenshot of the response the social of the building:






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