Came the end for the tv series of Dirk Gently

Published on Mar 12, 2018

Dates back to last December, the news of the cancellation, by BBC America, the tv series of Dirk Gently: Investigation Agency Holistic, but the hope of the fans was that some other network could take the reins of the project, starring Elijah Wood and Samuel Barnett.

Unfortunately, it will not be so, as declared by Arvind Ethan David, the executive producer of the series, which he revealed on the pages of THR that no other network, including Netflix, is willing to finance a new season of the show which will then finally pulled the plug.

Of course, as often happens in these cases, the motivation behind the general lack of interest of the networks comes from the poor results of the ratings obtained on the series created by Max Landis, despite a reception from the public, all in all, warm (so much so that a petition on it was created by fans to request the renewal for a third season.

What do you think? Are you disappointed by its cancellation? Please let us know via a comment below!

Source: THR

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