Calculate the toll of the motorway (smartphone or web)


Published on Jul 17, 2017


You must take a trip and you want to rely on your browser or Android browser iPhone? Well, in this guide we will give you valuable additional information, and I will explain how you can calculate the cost of the toll of the motorway before even starting, so to be prepared and not to be taken in amounts unexpected. There are several web sites but also applications in this regard, you can refer to it at any time. As you well know, not all of the motorways require a toll to be paid, and thanks to these apps, you'll also learn the sections totally free.

One of the better sites is Autostrade per l'italia. Once you open the website, the portal will show you a map of the Italian motorways and calculate the costs you only need to fill in the window on the left side of the page by entering the name of the toll gate from where you will start the journey and the name of the exit in which you finished everything. Once you have entered everything, click on OK and you will see the cost of the is selected.

If you are already in the departure or however you prefer to use a smartphone you can always download some of the best apps to calculate the cost of the toll. On Android, it is possible to download free of charge Toll from the Play Store. Fill out the page by entering the tollgate of the entrance and exit, and then press on Search, and wait. You will be shown the cost of having to deal with on the highway, and more, you can add and calculate the cost of fuel, just press the button on the item Consumption of fuel in the bottom.

If you use an iPhone I suggest you to download the paid app (1.99€) - Cost Toll that is available in the App Store. You will always have to select the toll entrance and one exit, and you will see the cost for the 5 classes of vehicles, as evidenced by the photo of the app:

To travel and to know the costs specific from having to deal with on the highway will save yourself from unpleasant surprises. We also recommend you to have always with you an external battery to charge your smartphone in the case in which the battery is to abandon yourself.

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