Cake upside down banana and chocolate Andrea Mainardi: the recipe from the Afternoon 5


Published on Apr 29, 2020


It celebrates the birthday of the little Michelle in the episode of the Afternoon, 5 in the wave on the 29th of April 2020. For her dad, Andrea Mainardi, has prepared the cheesecake but the recipe to do live, here's another cake upside down, after that strawberry vista a few days ago always in direct Afternoon 5 ( here's the full recipe of the cake upside down to the strawberries). Today we saw the chef prepare the cake upside down banana and chocolate, a very sweet, very simple that we present.

Here are the ingredients for the preparation of the cake:

300g ' 00 ' flour
150g sugar
160g butter
30g cocoa powder
1 egg
pinch of salt

3 bananas
1 lemon

Let's start with the classic preparation of the pastry, but we have to stop before to create a dough real ( more than a pastry we have to have a mixture, and mo sbriciolona). Therefore we place the ingredients together: flour, sugar, butter , 1 egg , a pinch of salt and the cocoa. Prepare this mixture, which must remain the crumbled note.

We take a baking dish, round shape. To facilitate us, we need to create a circle of parchment paper to place the quiche on the baking sheet. Then cut slices of the banana. Pass the bananas in lemon juice so that it does not become black. We lower the washers on the baking paper creating a beautiful design. Let us remember that the cake will be reversed to where we can see the pattern created with the bananas on the surface.

We take our dough and place the already slowly on the banana but being careful: must not move. We put everything in the oven for about thirty minutes at 180 degrees. Remove from the oven and reverse.

If we want we can do the meringue at the Italian but it is optional. We can then decorate with meringue, other fresh bananas, and lemon wedges.

Happy birthday to Michelle on our part!

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