Cable Technologies launches wireless charger for iPhone


Published on Dec 24, 2017


Also Cable Technologies has made its first wireless charger specially designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Here are all the features.

The outer package of this wireless charger is very well made, so much so it almost looks like an Apple product. Inside we find the cradle for charging and the micro USB cable to the power supply.

Cable Technologies has focused a lot on the design, creating a wireless charger that is different from many other proposals available on the market. The base, made of plastic of excellent quality, and features of the contours transparent, very elegant. At the centre, the base itself is white in color, with the logo of the company and the word “Ireless Charger”.

Just above this inscription there is a small status LED that indicates when the power is on. Everything is made with extreme care and balance, making this board one of the most elegant in the movement. The dimensions are 87 x 87 x 10.2 mm.

On the lower part of the plate we have a non-slip material that serves to hold the accessory on any surface. The result is very good.

The Wireless Charger of Cable Technologies supports standard Qi, and is therefore compatible not only with the latest iPhone, but also with all the other smartphones that use this protocol.

The operation is straightforward, as you simply connect the cradle to any power source and place your iPhone on it to start charging at 5W. Cable Technologies has integrated a series of functions to protect the device in case of overload of current, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit.

Therefore, it is a good product, which makes the designo his strong point. The price is 20.93€, available at this link.

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