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Published on Dec 07, 2017


To have more than just the cable Lightning is a convenience of no small account. Ideally, you need one to keep fixed on the wall charger in her room, another to keep the computer and another drive. To purchase cables, original Apple costs very much but for fortune on Amazon find cable Lightning Certified by Apple (MFI), but is sold for a lower price.

Among the several available, those of Syncwire have always been among the absolute best because it can last a long time thanks to the excellent resistance of the materials. What we offer you today has passed the test of considerable use with less than 12,000 to bend to 95 degrees, without breaking.

It is very good for synchronization only for the charging of Apple devices with the certification of MFI is like a cable made by the company from Cupertino, with the exception of the resistance (much better) and the price (considerably lower).

The version is 1 metre and is sold to the 6,99€ but today I offer you a Coupon valid until 11 December 2017, which will add a further discount, allowing you to purchase only 5,59€.

Have a cable to Lightning in more is always a good thing, especially if paid a little. To get the discount you must enter our coupon exclusive “R6YORGIO” directly on Amazon in the screen that precedes the day of payment.

Pass by 6.99€ 5.59€ with our Coupon Exclusive: R6YORGIO, up to 11/12

Promotion 1: The Coupon can also be used together with another promotion currently underway that allows you to have a second cable Lightning with a 15% discount. If you add two to your cart and then enter the Coupon, instead of paying them 11,18€ them, you just pay 9,08€, a very affordable price for 2 cables Lightning of this quality!

Promotion 2: alternatively, the Coupon can also be used together with a second promotion that is currently going on that allows you to have a wall charger USB (4-port) with the 20% discount. The charger has 2 USB ports 2.4 A, ensuring the maximum recharge rate possible with the cable Lightning. To get this promotion you have to click directly on the item that you find in the product page on Amazon. 1 Cable + 1 Charger will cost you 16,08€ with the Coupon, instead of 21,98€

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