Cable Lightning certified? Aukey and its interesting pack double


Published on Feb 14, 2018


Aukey has made a double pack that contains two cable Lightning certified, two meters long and very durable. All in all, a very interesting price. We tried them and we report below our considerations about it.

Using products daily Apple we find ourselves dealing with more and more cables that are damaged and need to be replaced. The original ones are very expensive and there are so many alternatives on the market to analyze.

Excluding the cables that are not certified, then those that could cause damage to our iOS devices, and not only that, there are many different manufacturers who challenge each other to shots of the cables are certified MFi.

Aukey has made a pair of cables, interesting as made of nylon and sold in less than a single Apple cable.

This kind of cable, and then it is certified and does not present any type of problem during the use. It is certified cables from Apple that are built with the same quality standards as the original.

Eviscerated, then the key point related to security, we speak of the cable and its structure. As said earlier, the cable in question is made of nylon braided with aluminum coating and is therefore significantly more resistant and durable than traditional cables Lightning.

This allows us to use the cable in a variety of situations, including in-car use, without problems, and without a rapid degradation of the material. The cable then it is also pleasant to the eye, with a special finish that sets it apart from the usual cables, Lightning.

Still, the cable length is greater than the standard one. This cable actually measures 2 meters and is very convenient in the house, especially if the outlet is located away from the sofa, from the table, the bedside table, the bed, and so on.

We are satisfied with this product and we believe that the greatest length, combined with the resistance, can make the difference.

The cable is available in the package in two color variants and is compatible with all Apple products with the Lightning connector, then with the iPhone 5 and later, iPad, AirPods, Apple, Pencil, and iPod touch. At the price of 16,99€ on Amazon, in fact, we will find a black cable and a white cable available.

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