By the FBI messages of contempt toward Tim Cook and Apple


Published on Feb 09, 2018


Some text messages exchanged between two officials of the FBI show when contempt there was for Tim Cook and Apple two years ago, when federal agents were investigating the massacre of the San Bernardino and had asked Apple to unlock the iPhone of a terrorist.

Text messages, published in relation to the investigation on the e-mail stolen to Hillary Clinton and found among the hundreds of pages that are shared in these days, ranging from allegations of tracking of consumers, up to the actual insults. The two protagonists of this exchange of views are Peter Strzok, an agent of the counterintelligence in the FBI, and Lisa Page, a lawyer for the agency.

Neither Page nor Strzok were officially involved in the case of the FBI against Apple, and were communicating privately while working in Washington. The first messages between the two agents that were sent on the day that the then-FBI director James Comey announced that the agency was not able to access the data of the iPhone 5c the terrorist.

The first message is sent that evening from Strzok: “And you know what makes me angry really for this thing to Apple? The fact that Tim Cook wants to do to be a champion of privacy. Yes, the paladin in his own way, because the whole operating system is designed to rintracciarmi without me noticing”. The Page responds by defining Cook a hypocrite and claiming to have disabled all of the tracking on his iPhone.

Then, when Tim Cook publishes an open letter on the Apple website in which he explains the reasons that made it impossible to unlock the iPhone, the two agents go back to texting in between them.

Ironically, the Page recommends that you write on iMessage to take advantage of encryption from end-to-end and to avoid that someone can monitor those messages. On that occasion, the two agents accuse Apple to locate all users for the previous 5 days.

The message resumes after a few months, as the Page claims to love the iPhone, but also start to hate him for the fault of Tim Cook. And Strzok: “Ah, if Tim Cook disappeared from the face of the Earth...”

Remember that Apple had to know a federal judge that even for the technicians of the company it was impossible to access the data stored on an iPhone locked with a passcode, your device is not running a version earlier than iOS 8.


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