By the Afternoon, 5 Emanuela Tittocchia attacks Mariano Catanzaro responds to Instagram


Published on Feb 19, 2019


In the episode of the Afternoon Five aired on February 18, 2019, Emanuela Tittocchia has launched heavy accusations towards his ex, Marian Catanzaro. The beautiful actress and the former tronista of Men and Women have had a relationship lasting a couple of months, which apparently is not finished well. The Tittocchia, in the study of Barbara d'urso, has revealed that she was somehow teasing, as the Catanzaro felt while he was with her even with other women. But not only: it has also launched serious accusations against the way of the former tronista. And opposite to the words of Emanuela Mariano Catanzaro has decided to respond to social, recounting his version of the facts.

The actress explains that he has feared not to be the only woman in the life of Marian, and had several times asked to publish an image collection on a social network to tell the world that there was only her. In the face of these demands, Marian, to that of the Tittocchia, would react in a violent way. Here are her words:

When a man pretends to be a man and see his woman cry, because maybe he has a moment of fragility that has created him, does not raise his voice, becomes aggressive, will not point the finger. If you do so you're not a man, you're a shit. To me, nobody tells me “you are silent, do the female”. I shut up, I'm not. With this type of people I do not want to have anything to do with it: manipulators, daffodils, liars, aggressive.

In the external link in the episode of yesterday, Deianira, which he explained to have shown Emanuela the many messages that Marian had sent to other women while he was with her, saying that it was only “gossip” but that he was a free man.

In the face of these words and then and these charges are rather serious, Mariano has decided to have its say on social. Here's what she said.

The former tronista, explaining that he then said to her in a live on social the most long anticipated:

I'm traveling for work and I don't know what he is telling her. I can say that she probably has removed so many beautiful things. I'm not here to accuse a certain behavior my against her. Now she is saying so many negative things because we left. I had a behavior a little cute, because you thought me something that isn't true.

Marian then decided not to do the direct, and has preferred to post a picture on social saying be sorry for what is going on, and having always respected all people, men or women that he met in his life.

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