By social the “complaints” against the journalists that make fun of The Flight: the video after the case “Last”


Published on Feb 10, 2019


This morning in all the newspapers, and not only, on the websites and on the social, there were the video of the words of the Last in the press conference post announcement of the winner of Sanremo 2019. We have already talked about the case, saying that, even if the Last has gone wrong, using the tones wrong, his reaction in any way was not the only one to be exaggerated. And, indeed, in the same video in which you hear the Last to criticize the journalists, feel the same, give the “clown” of the ' stronzetto” to the singer. On that Sunday, one of the journalists present yesterday in the press room denies that this happened, sin that the journalists themselves have published on social videos in which you feel very well and the insults. But it does not end here. This morning, as against the altar, the other journalists that are dissociated from what happened yesterday in the press conference, have published social videos in which you will clearly perceive that climate is breathing between singers and journalists. In a video posted by Elisa d'ospina this morning, you can clearly see the journalists rejoice at the proclamation of the third place of the boys of Il Volo. Not only that, in addition to become fans from the stadium, which it obviously should not be in the gestures of the journalists who are there to vote, not to support a singer or another ( can also do that but without the flare as if to mark their footballer of the heart), show their contempt for Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca appellandoli so disconcerting. Feels great to say, “craps, you craps” and considered that in the print room there are only journalists, we can deduce that someone has them defined as such. There is, however, to say that we were not in that place at that time, so it could be that the sentence with the insults had been uttered by the other journalists, joking around with their colleagues, calling them and then good-naturedly in this way, the irony is made.

It does not end here. The video of Elisa d'ospina was then taken over by Francesco Facchinetti, which in turn published it on social. And this has generated a series of chain reactions that probably no one expected. They are, in fact, arrived other videos that show how journalists distinguished to take the game of the guys of the Flight. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca for the whole week have been criticised by journalists, even going on the staff, and have lived a sort of nightmare. Unlike Last have not had the vent, but the final showed, also in other interviews and other broadcasts, ( review the episode, in Italy yes of February 9, 2019), all their regret for what was happening.


The famous press room, professional and delicate, who never misses an opportunity to insult the guys de @ilvolo How can you not give reason to @IlVeroUltimo ? #Sanremo2019

— Elisa D'ospina (@ElisaDospina) February 10, 2019


This is the video in which some of the journalists in the press room of #Sanremo2019 exult in the third place, de @ilvolo shouting happy: “Craps”. I'd take a kick in the ass until the end of the world: idiots, morons and buffoons.

— Francesco Facchinetti (@frafacchinetti) February 10, 2019

Among the answers, check also this other video

here they are, instead, while, always prominent journalists in the press room, take them nicely up the ass. SHAME on you!

— SwanTurk182 (@SwanTurk182) February 10, 2019

To you comments . On social speaking of bullying, behaviour that is not appropriate. We'll see if all this will end here. Much will depend also from the guys of The flight if they wish, can also ask for explanations of what you are seeing in these hours.

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