By Qardio two accessories to monitor our health


Published on Apr 12, 2017


Qardio Arm and Qardio are two Basic devices that are compatible with the iPhone that allow you to monitor the state of your health.

Qardio Arm is a meter wireless blood pressure and heart rate that allows you to control the frequency of the measurements, set reminders, save all the data in the cloud and share the results with your family and with the medium of trust, and all using iPhone and dedicated app. It is a wearable device that can be used at any time of the day.

The price is 118,95€.

QardioBase is a balance of smart that allows you to set goals, form and analyze the trend of your weight, displaying results and trends directly on their smartphones. The balance, with a good design and made of stone, recognizes that the user is automatically and measures your weight, body fat, muscle mass, lean mass and percentage of water. On the platform will appear as an emoticon, to indicate if the monitored values are positive or negative with respect to its goals. On the iPhone, instead, it will show the precise weight. In addition, the mode of Pregnancy allows expectant mothers to monitor the weight changes during the 9 months. The app Qardio stores all the measurements, which can be viewed via charts, trends and statistics, and allows you to share the results with family, friends, or with your doctor.

The price is 137,90€.

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