By Pamela Meadows Gate to the run of Ciro Petrone: the moments more trash tv 2019


Published on Dec 15, 2019


Another year is coming to a close and, with it, we put it in our drawer of memories all the best and worst broadcasted on tv in the last twelve months. In this article, we'll cover the best of the worst of what he has provided to the small screen from January to December: that is the most exhilarating moments, and trash.

We will do a quick overview of the talk show, reality tv and entertainment show that most of all gave her the pearls that have made go crazy the web. Ready for this “journey feelings“?

The classic edition of the reality show defilippiano is already trash but the second edition of Temptation Island, VIP has doubled the dose thanks to a marathon of engaged couples famous entrarti transmission in the course of work. Among the outputs of the scene, the most striking is surely that of the young Ciro Petrone: the guy has the path to his village, he climbed over the various obstacles and then do the invasion of the field in the area of girlfriends. On the notes of the kitchissima song “Como Yo Te Amo” Raphael, Ciro Petrone has travelled all over the beach, running and being chased by security and by the cameramen of the transmission. In an escalation of falls and faces basite style Paperissima Sprint, Petrone has riabbracciato his beloved, which, however, proved to be visibly annoyed by the gesture. The two were then ejected.

The house of trash is without any shadow of a doubt the study dursiano LIVE is Not The D'urso. Between turns at red lights, verbal fights, insults, and stories more or less credible, the milan studio of Barbara D'urso was the proscenium of a long series of episodes of the famous Pamela Prati Gate. A phenomenon to be exploited so as to arrive to interviews really to the limits of credibility: how can one forget the unlikely statement that “I made virtual” Eliana Michelazzo?

Always to stay in theme with the Meadows Gate, also other transmissions are employed (albeit with much less insistence) of the alleged Caltagirone family. Pamela Prati has made a tour also of the Rai broadcasts (Sunday and Come join Me) to declare things that she has then had to refute time and time again: from the fact of being already “wife and mother” in the studies of Venier's up to the unlikely breakfast cups with the names of her two children, Rebecca and Sebastian. The interview on the Sunday was indirectly advocating the catchphrase: “And the husband, and the children, and suitcases, and run, and will bring them to school, and mom do this and mom do this and mom let's play. Beautiful!“.

In the view of the trash television of 2019 we can not forget one of the most entertaining of the fall Mediaset: Hello Darwin. To make rubble in the heart of the internet is, as always, the heats of the Machine of the Time: two competitors are sent in a “parallel world” so as to impose a series of quizzes and skill games to be held in a location interactive.

Bet most crowds was without a doubt the one played between Gay Pride and Family Day where the two contestants – a Woman Ciretta Beautiful and Filip Simaz – have a great show in every way. Cult the challenge of Hula-Hop where even Paolo Bonolis is not able to remain serious, bursting in a loud laugh.

A presenter linked to talk show trash + on a reality show devoted to the gossip + professionals fumantini ready to quarrel in the direct + assumed inferences Result? A gigantic melodrama on an alleged boyfriend.

At the center of the scene Cristian imparato e Guendalina Tavassi. Cool coming out about his sexuality and be recourse to plastic surgery, the former contestant of "Io Canto" is put in front of a cantankerous Tavassi representing one of the four hair stylists (cit.), this Fabrizio, who had revealed to the microphones of Pomeriggio5 that Learned he had made use of “aiutini aesthetic”. The quarrel has flared up in a short time with screaming and dramatics even minimally comparable to the fintume of Wrestling.

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