By Cesare Bocci of Sensuality to the Court: the top 5 tv moments of 2018


Published on Dec 23, 2018


The 2018 draws now to an end and, before you dig in to the shoulders of these twelve months, let's take a brief jump into the past and we are going to discover what are the 5 best tv moments of the year: the rematch of the conductive multi-talented, passing for Sensuality at Court and Cesare Bocci on Dancing with the Stars. All the best of this year's pickup in five points.

“Rejoicing in all the kingdom!” would you say Madreh. After five years of absence from the television screen, Sensuality, the Court is once again opening in the heart of the viewers and social-addicted to Italy One. The misadventures of the knight homosexual Jean Claude, his mother, of the wicked Cassandra and girlfriend Daiana developed into a tv series by the traits thriller but without forgetting the key ironic that 13 years characterizes the Sensuality of the Court.

Today Madreh is an influencer and, between a promotion at Skikki-Nikki (the brand that makes you go “untouched” as a sixteen-year-old) and a desire for followers, and the son, Jean-Claude wants to literally kill the prey; to do this, ask the help of Scianel, the henchwoman of Gomorrah. Sensuality at Court 8 is one of the slots of Never Say Talk.

Who is the queen of the Sunday afternoon? Certainly not Barbara D'urso. As a sort of "Game of Thrones" television, the throne of “the most beloved of the italians” is passed to the Mara Venier: the presenter and the veneto region, with a lot of honesty, declared from the outset that it would have been crushed in terms of Auditel by hosted shout out to Channel Five but that, in practice, has seen her triumph over the sitting area of Channel Five. A nice revenge for the Venier, which will see her finally away from the image of the aggressive woman as in the times of You You Que Vales.

Rai Real-Time and have given breath to the sector – those of the wire to the female – is almost always relegated to the usual five faces. But fortunately, in 2018, something moved. Serena Rossi and Bianca Guaccero have become a part of some of the most renowned of the tv season 2018 proving to be talented in various aspects. The bell Serena Rossi – who is widely destreggiata in the Celebration with songs and dances – has been involved in the conduct of the people show a Year From now; while the apulian Bianca Guaccero does not regret the escape of Caterina Balivo from the tutorial, show Said and Done.

Never like this year, the winners of the talent and reality shows were almost all characterized by two feelings: humility and naturalness. Now far from the catchphrase “only do this for the cameras”, the italians brought in triumph all the faces that have very little to do with the eagerness to appear: from the Lord of the Tv to Beijing Express, via Nino Formicola and Walter Bare, respectively, the ne Island of The Famous and Big Brother Vip.

The final of Dancing with the Stars 2018 has staged one of time most exciting of the year. In the course of one of the heats surprise, the actor Cesare Bocci has been found to dance – without his knowledge – with his wife Daniela Sword: a very strong woman marked by breast cancer and a stroke. The companion of the life of Cesare Bocci is close to the body of his man and together they danced a waltz.

At the end of the performance, the people in the room were left fully excited: vip and professionals sitting at the tables are even broke out in tears, standing ovation from the studio audience, and even the upstanding judges have not held back their feelings.

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