Bursts the scoop: The flirtation between George manetti, Marchesa D'aragona

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Giorgio Manetti is blown away by Men and Women long time ago now. Now, however, there is a backstory: the ex-knight had a flirt with the Marchesa D'aragona

Giorgio Manetti, the former undisputed protagonist of Men and Women, had an affair with the Marchesa D'aragona. The thing is coming out during a latest interview of the gull granted to Sunday Live. Here's what she said about it.

The most famous and controversial love story of Men and women is undoubtedly that of George Menetti and Gemma Galgani. In the live interview on Sunday Live last week, the knight could not help but remember with some affection what happened in the first few years of his arrival in the program of Maria De Filippi.

Unfortunately, their history has come to an end too soon, and the two are separated forever. Even if, as he himself has admitted, both continue to feel. But the one that is making to discuss more in the last few days it is definitely the scoop relative to the history that took place between the knight and the former gieffina, the Marchesa D'aragona.

The mistress of the house could not avoid to mention this gossip involving the now-ez current Big Brother Vip 2018. The same Marchesa said to have been courted by him, and that man would have reproached the Galgani “the old”.

We are obviously talking about Daniela Del Secco D'aragona:

“Sometimes, jokingly, I call so, is nothing in comparison to what you said to me, has defamed me for a year. I am friendly with many people,”

The D'urso has, however, launched the scoop of the alleged courtship of the Seagull towards the Marquise, but the answer of the former Gem has been rather elusive:

“I don't remember”.

How will you replicate the Marquise now out of the house? We just have to find out.

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