Burn The Witch. The output is the new song of Radiohead

Published on May 03, 2016

“A Lot of noise for nothing”: the saga of Radiohead, Shakespeare would be disturbed and converted with a title more fitting, like “Very silent for a little.” Yes, because the british band, who last may 1, has made itself heard for thesudden disappearance from the web, has maintained silence online for a short time.

After a little more than 24 hours is back active, with an account Instagram's brand-new, a teaser video of a bird tweeting and a “Dead Air Space” added in the URL of the official site.
At a distance of a few hours – around 17 in the afternoon for the Italy – here comes the bang: Tom York, and associates have just published a video clip on the website, on Youtube and on all social.

This is “Burn The Witch“, a song written in the now 13 years ago and never published. Up to now, with lots of video clips of the launch.

The movie is in line with the teaser of the bird and the next video posted shortly after: a cartoon with the characters of clay, directed by Chris Hopewell, the film director who, in addition to Radiohead, with whom “There There”, won an MTV Video Award in 2003, counts the collaborations with Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Scissor Sisters, The Offspring and others.

The story seems to be a modern version of the Inquisition and the hunting of a witch (the one from the burn of the title), until the end, which is surprisingly reminiscent of The Wicker Man, a horror film of 1973.

While the social pages are populated with new images, on the site of the band, the music video for “Burn The Witch” appears in a box – album? – with the writing of the URL, the “Dead Air Space“. That, in the history of Radiohead, it indicates the blog of the band.
It remains to be seen if this is a new clue, what to suggest – perhaps the album will be released more or less directly on the blog (as it happened with In Rainbows? – or if, instead, indicates even the title of the new album, on arrival.


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