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Published on Dec 21, 2018


Travis Knight with Bumblebee can not do better than you did with Kubo and the Magic Sword, but it certainly fails to renew in a determined manner and clear ideas on the franchise, "Transformers", that he didn't really need him from the point of view of collections, but that leaves quite invigorated by this operation less fracassona and more sentimental. Then, passing from the mathematical terms to those in the film, it means less Michael Bay, more Steven Spielberg: the first, that left the director, but has remained in production, has made the place to the second, that as in the previous chapter, the figure always as the executive producer but that Knight decides to take as a model, reference point, source of inspiration, and any other way of saying it may come to your mind.

Bumblebee is a film spielberghiano under all points of view. Knight draws inspiration from all models of that type of cinema entertainment, the american suburbs, the middle class, the protagonist is the young and single who lives within the context of a difficult family, the everyday life seems a sad state of apathy from which it is impossible to escape. And then the arrival of the fantastic, of magic, of the alien, that bursts and shatters the everyday life, allowing the protagonist to give off the right of me, to take that amazing adventure and extraordinary that, in addition to change it forever, will outline the person who was destined to become.

Even if it never gets to those levels, the film tries to rincorrerli constantly, look at them with admiration and them mimics, becoming a bit E. T. – The extra-terrestrial and a little bit of The Great Gentle Giant. Like never before in this saga take a break from the explosions, swirling, from the action giddy and the shooting parallax to stop for a second and take stock of the situation, ask yourself what emotions and feelings can arouse the arrival on Earth of aliens robotic sentient.

The idea of this parenthesis emotional is perfect for the cutest of the Transformers, Bumblebee, and, in fact, in this sense, the movie works very well, especially thanks to how it is told of the friendship between the robot-beetle and Charlie a beautiful Hailee Steinfeld: the whole movie revolves around the two of them, the decisions they must make and how they influence each other, to improve themselves both physically and emotionally, with Charlie that the girl introverted will find the strength to fill a role that, historically, socially and politically it would be up instead of others (“The world was already saved,” tell John Cena to co-star Jorge Lendeborg Jr., love interest of the protagonist relegated to the Italian comedy).

But to force them to subtract Bay and add Spielberg, more than a movie about the Transformers, this Bumblebee in the long run becomes the live action version of " The Giant of Iron, only that the Autobots yellow is not so giant and, above all, Knight is no Brad Bird. The action, as always orderly and well-orchestrated, it is almost never enhanced, or at least not as exalted: this may seem like the story of the blanket is short, but do the homework diligently cannot go for pride.

The fact remains that it is certainly of the most successful episode of the saga, but it is not that the competition was so tight.

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