Bug bug bug: have solved them all! The official application of iSpazio updates to version 3.1.5


Published on Oct 17, 2018


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Good news! We have tried to do so earlier and we can finally present you the new update of the application iSpazio. No new features this time, but we've fixed so many bugs that make the update is absolutely recommended to all.

Here's what we did:

In short, we've added new features, as I said at the beginning, but we focused a lot on usability, and the proper functioning of the app.

The additions of the previous version continue to be valid, and among these we find:

We remind you that we have launched a fantastic website dedicated to the application Shortcuts from where you can download new Commands ready-to-use and that work with Siri. It's called Shortcuts Central and you can access them anytime from the left side menu of our application. Take a look at the portal of the Backgrounds, also accessible from the side menu on the left.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel that will have content more and more interesting. You can find it in the menu of the right side, by clicking on the two squares next to the logo iSpazio.

Continue to review our app in the App Store. We have over 6,300 reviews with an average of 4.7 stars. THANKS for making us the app news Apple the most appreciated in Italy! Anyone who has had problems with previous versions, you can also modify his review in the App Store by adding or removing stars, after having tried this new update.

We also thank the development Team (xCoding.en), which supports us in the last few years.

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