BuddyBank gives you the AirPods!


Published on Jun 15, 2018


Have you ever heard of BuddyBank? Soon come our comprehensive test of the service, in the meantime, we anticipate enrolling in by the 31st of August and spending 500€ you will come home a couple of AirPods for free!

BuddyBank is the new bank for iPhone launched a few months ago. Soon we will talk over in detail all their services and benefits offered compared to the competition. Among these advantages is there to report the full compatibility of the service with Apple Pay.

In the meantime, for ingolosire users, the company has decided to pay homage to the shiny new AirPods all those who will open an account BuddyBank by 31 August 2018 and will send costs through the Apple Pay for 500€ within 60 days from the opening. The registration BuddyBank is really very simple: starting from here, through your iPhone, by following all of the steps required, will take place in just a few simple steps. If you are a customer of Unicredit, the recording will be even easier and faster.

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The terms and conditions of the initiative can be reached through this link.

You are already a customer BuddyBank? Please let us know through the comments in this article, chat to our application or our social channels!

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