Britney Spears: the fans worried about writing ‘Freed Britney!’


Published on May 09, 2019


Still under the legal control of the father, Britney Spears wants to freedom after being released from the clinic

Britney Spears has been under treatment at a psychiatric clinic for 30 days. Apparently, the singer, 37, would have refused to take the psychotropic medication prescribed for his mental health. Then, with the agreement of her father, Jamie Spears, as well as his conservative legal, “the pop princess” would have decided to flee.

After being discharged from the hospital, have been published in the post on his social media profiles, that many, especially the fans, they suspect have been published by the team management. In a tweet four days ago, it appears the singer is quite serious, posing for a photo shoot with a dress she wore to the X Factor USA 2012. The fans, however, did not react as usual and have commented with the hashtag #FreeBritney.

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David Chapelle, a photographer and film director known for having produced the photo shoots of Britney and some of her videos, said they would not want to work with the team of the singer. “I had to do with his management for years, and I have some absurd stories to tell. Stories no one would believe it. You can't understand the nonsense with which I had to do, especially when I worked with Britney for the video of " Make Me.”

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Britney does not seem to have even more of a smartphone with internet access, but a phone just to make simple phone calls, after which the state seized for driving with a mobile phone. The singer wants freedom and you are doing to help mother Lynne to get it. For Spears, the next 10th of may will be held a new hearing on his “conservatorship” , a judgment with which the Court has delegated to the father the role of conservative legal of the singer, which can not act fully according to its own will. In the meantime, the fans of the singer will continue to manifest in the mass on the social for them to regain the full capacity to act.

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