Britney Spears breaks Instagram with 3 super hot video

Published on Jan 27, 2016

Britney Spears, the ex-lolita pop (light years before Miley Cyrus and company) is back.
In the form, more than anything else. And, quite rightly, shares it on Instagram.

The singer has posted on Instagram three black and white video that meet the lack of colors with the new – and explosive – the sensuality of the Britney.
In black bikini, tattoos in evidence and wild hair, she moves with grace, between alluring looks and sexy poses.

The singer is about to resume the show “Piece of Me” in Las Vegas and for the occasion is back in form and has developed new choreography, perhaps to test them (and test the new look tonic), has decided to publish a few excerpts on Instagram. Or perhaps to advertise, it does not matter.
Britney, keep it up: hit us baby one more time!


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