Brief eulogy in praise of masturbation female

Published on May 13, 2016

1. How to change the costumes
According to a research of 1953 only 63% of women admitted to practicing masturbation. While in 1979 the percentage was significantly increased: the masturbation was a practice permitted by the 74% of the women interviewed. Today, 9 out of 10 women confess to causing herself pleasure from the sun and between these, at least 2/3 admit to do it up to three times a week.

2. Lubricant
That saliva is the best lubricant is an error. A study by the University of Michigan has shown that many women who use saliva as a natural lubricant of the genitals incur often in infections.

3. Better alone that badly accompanied
Another falsehood concerns the belief that those who do have sex regularly masturbate less. (Contrary to the opposite is true. The more you have sex the more you practice the masturbation. The use of masturbation not depends on sexual abstinence, but on the contrary, is at one with the pleasure of it, together or in the company. Masturbation means to have a mind more open about their sexuality and their own way of living sexuality.

4. The Treble
It is true that there are at least three types of female orgasm: clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and a blend of the first two. A simultaneous combination of both. In masturbation to the blend you can get more easily with the employment of sex toys, for example.

5. Physical well-being
The masturbation, practiced regularly, is a panacea for our health. But it is also a remedy rather effective against pain during the cycle, or headaches. Finally, it is known as it is relaxing.


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