Bridge Morandi, speaks to the driver of the truck teetering on the bridge: “saved Me a...

Published on Aug 20, 2018

His story has impressed half the world. The driver of the truck, in the balance that has been around the world. He stopped just a few meters from the collapse avoiding the death

He avoided death by a hair's breadth the truck driver that was just on the bridge Morandi on the day of the collapse. The driver stopped a few meters from the abyss.

The truck driver that has been saved from the collapse of the Bridge Morandi is called Luigi Fiorillo. It was him driving the infamous truck of the chain of supermarkets genovese Sell that has become the symbol of the massacre of the bridge of Genoa. He drove his truck, as he did every day for work, and was saved by a miracle:

“I was coming back from a delivery on the riviera di Ponente

And this is what he told NewsMediaset. Then he continued:

“I proceeded adagio because the visibility was low, then it collapsed all: I don't remember well, I was amazed and scared. I have come down from the truck, I left it on, with the gear, and ran away for fear that it would collapse all”.

Here's what he told the man, still incredulous to be escaped such a horrible death:

“I've always been afraid to go on that bridge, the atmosphere always. I've traveled hundreds of times”.

Of that horrible day reminds us:

“It was raining very strong, always stronger as I made my way to Genoa. I plan to keep the safety distance, this has saved me, if I went faster I would have ended up down in the gully. I saw the bridge go down in front of me and I fell”

Then to be saved:

I started to run back. I was worried about leaving the truck with the engine running, and I thought I would collapse all: that truck is my second home. I have been lucky. Call it a miracle, maybe a guardian angel, considering that I am a believer, was there and saved me”.

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