Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul confirms that there will be a new series


Published on Oct 07, 2019


The star that gave life on the screen, Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul, has said that fans should not expect a sequel series of Breaking Bad after El Camino, the film produced by Netflix, which takes up the story from the point at which it was interrupted in the fifth season of Breaking Bad with its series finale in 2013.

“I thought that we had finished that story six years ago. But now dress again those shoes“, said Paul to The Guardian, where he also declared that the creator of Breaking Bad, as well as the writer and director of El Camino, Vince Gilligan, had more stories to tell. “The people were so passionate and they wanted answers. Asked when there would be the next series of Breaking Bad – you can put aside that dream – they wanted to know what happen to Jesse. And what happened to Jesse”.

For Paul, it is appropriate that the continued arrivals in the form of a film Netflix: consider adding Breaking Bad to the streaming service as a fundamental moment of his career. “When the first three (seasons) came on Netflix, my life has changed,“ he said.

His love for Breaking Bad meant that it had to be affected in any way to revisit Jesse, who has been seen the last time to separate ex-partner-criminal Walter White (Bryan Cranston) before rushing away from the complex where he spent many months as a slave, forced to produce methamphetamine of high quality.

“I love the way in which the series is over – that left it very vague. You would like to think that is going to meet the sunset, but you know that life will not be so easy for him,“ said Paul in an interview with Time. “The people, almost daily, people ask me: ‘what happened to Jesse?’. My answer is: ‘I have No idea. In fact, it is probably on the run and hidden. His fingerprints were everywhere in that scene of the crime’. But I imagined that he was just living in the woods somewhere, perhaps the same working again with the hands, creating objects with wood“.

“I think that any fan of Vince to trust him”, stated the actor. “It is not doing something without any reason. There was this itch that he just had to scratch; the only unanswered question with which he was living“.

Paul is also proud to say that his acting abilities has improved in the course of Breaking Bad, and in the six years that have passed since the series ended in September 2013.

“Just review the show and you can find out instantly: they are definitely a better actor from when I started,“ he said, adding: “But when you work with the material coming from Vince Gilligan, it is almost impossible to not spread your wings“.

El Camino – The movie of Breaking Bad will be released on the streaming platform, online payment, Netflix will be the next 11th October.

Breaking Bad: Aaron Paul confirms that there will be a new series of




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