Break Arts II, races crazy at the edge of our mech – Review

Published on Feb 21, 2018

When you propose that combining the mechas she has to battle and games futuristic violent, you know that you're about to face a difficult time. From one side you have the soul from a child of the ’80s, grew up on Gundam and Transformers, the other the passion for racing games, the venturi flowing from the first frantic games to Wipe Out and POD. Starting Break Arts II I felt at home from the beginning.

Let's be honest, everyone appreciates a giant robot, well built, as is shown by the anxiety with which the many are we waiting for Pacific Rim 2. The most fun part of Break Arts II, I say now, is in the design of our mech from the race. You have understood well, we will be able to create our mech race.

The function of the assembly is one of the best taken care of Break Arts II. We have, in fact, the ability to customize every aspect of our robot, varying on the different components, keeping under control some parameters, such as power and data load, which must comply with the specifications fixed for the functioning of our mech. All the rest, and I mean really everything is customizable, including weapons that our giant of metal will be able to use in the race.

Finished the job by a mechanic, it is time to become pilots for a living. And here is the first rock of Break Arts II. The first chapter of the game was designed for the mobile market, and the japanese boys of the MercuryStudio did not want to make that step with this new environment.

If on a smartphone could be understandable that our mech to accelerate automatically, and we limit ourselves to steer and shoot, on a product that arrives on Steam this is a limit not just. The dynamic nature of the Break Arts II could offer a minimum support to this flaw, saw that we will be committed to pilot our mechs, that species with high speeds will keep us very busy, but arise other problems.

In the race we give trouble to our enemies, by shooting them with weapons that are essentially homing missiles, and weapons to the area, but their contribution is not incredibly tactical, with only a slight break of the box, even when the targets are us.

The real weak point of the Break Arts II, ironically, is due to the lack of a community, that it is unthinkable for a game that has as its essence own the online competition. In the days of testing that we had (the title is released on the 9th of February), I have laboured not a little in finding online matches, and even on the rare occasions that I have had this luck, I found a gigantic flaw: the mech opponents, not to be seen.

In a game in which the creation of mechs and customization are the proud, MercuryStudio thought of lighten up the game causing us to view the enemies as simple prisms that float on the track. And it is a real shame, because the spectacular colors makes it difficult to perceive the presence of the opponents, not to mention that it is minus all charm to see of the robots in the races, within a game of racing robots.

The feeling after several games is that Break Arts II is a workshop of creation of man, that almost as extra, offers the possibility also to run on the track. Bad promotion of the title? Simply a bad conversion from the mobile phone to the world of gaming home, with immense potential for nothing exploited. Not to mention that the absence of a community solid players to race against the AI quite primitive, never demanding.

If you are looking for a game that unleashes your vein of mech creator, Break Arts II is definitely a good title, if you're looking for a hectic driving experience, futuristic, better to turn to titles such as Readout!

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