Brawl in the studio Began between Sgarbi and Jordan: it intervenes Bianca Berlinguer -Video

Published on Oct 10, 2018

The usual skit but this time to the White Paper, the program of Bianca Berlinguer. Sgarbi against Jordan, have flown profanity

Also in the transmission of Bianca Berlinguer had to happen, Vittorio Sgarbi, knows how to shame the presenters and Rai tre is not able to censurarsi, as always.

A skit incredible that of Vittorio Sgarbi and Mario Giordano aired in the episode of yesterday evening Began, the program of study RaiTre conducted by Bianca Berlinguer. The former director of Tg4, could not prevent the collision given the divergent views.

On the case of the arrest of the Mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, think so very different. Bianca Berlinguer to put an end to the diatribe, trying to scream over them and threatens Sgarbi to throw him out.

Sgarbi, however, continued to scream insults and profanity. The Berlinguer has rebuked but only after a quarter of an hour of shrieks the critic has calmed down. Calm in the Berlinguer try to revitalize the discussion degenerated against his will.

White knows how to find the right key to calm Vittorio: he was, however, the first time that such a fight takes place in the program Began, and perhaps this news has aroused particular controversy.

In short, the usual show to which we are accustomed to when there is Misunderstandings, but a program like that of Bianca Berlinguer will not tolerate these lapses in style which other programs you wish to draw in the audience.

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