Brawl in Men and women: Tina and Gemma put their hands on him, Maria de Filippi intervenes

Published on Nov 02, 2018

Tina Cipollati, and Gemma Galgani on your hands. Maria de Filippi, once again, stepped in to separate them.

Tina and Gemma is not the first time that they discuss in the study. The two women, in fact, have never gone to agree, and this was confirmed by the constant bickering that make them the protagonists of Men and women. As already happened on other occasions, to avoid the worst of it is due to intervene the Maria de Filippi. The tv presenter descending from the stairs he trying to separate them so that the situation does not degenerasse.

Against the lady of the ‘throne over’, as well as Tina came out even Gianni, that is always the accusation to be false and ridiculous. According to the advances the discussion between the Cipollati and Galgani despite the intervention of Mary is taken during a dance (which saw the protagonists all the participants). The columnist continued to infer against the lady without worrying about his state of mind. Fortunately, Angela, tired of seeing his friend suffering, he defended the director of the theatre, asking the lady of the house and more understanding.

According to the previews, Rocco seems to have taken a step back towards the Gemstone. After you have decided to permanently close the report it seems that his heart does not stop beating for the torinese. The man, in fact, in recent weeks he has refused the courtship of many women (down especially for him) and for this reason would like a new chance from his ex.

The knight, the more times he has shown his real interest in the lady but the latter does not accept some of his behaviors. In spite of everything, after the umpteenth demonstration by the Fragella, the Galgani at least for now has not given in to his advances, going out with Paul. This attitude has angered Tina, who, without hairs on the tongue has not missed any opportunity to discredit it.

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