Brad Pitt between new flames and old regrets


Published on Sep 28, 2019


The actor is given near Sat Hari Khalsa, but the thought always goes to Angelina

At the cinema with two films: Ad Astra, sci-fi movies set in the 2120 and the highly anticipated once upon a time in Hollywood that geniaccio Tarantino, Brad Pitt stands out as one of the few real celebrities left. Beautiful, talented, and committed his star continues to shine with their own light, in spite of some problems in private life.

If it is true, indeed, that in a professional context has never had push-ups, you can't say the same thing for his love life, and not because it was a womaniser, a role easy for someone like him whose beauty has always been that to make a breach in the hearts of female would not have had need of special expedients gap. No, Pitt still weighs the separation with Angelina Jolie, the actress with whom he married and with whom he has formed a family, so much so that at a distance of 3 years is still in doubt about the causes of his divorce.

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“The breakup of a family is without a doubt open the eyes. I understand my guilt in this, and in what I can do better, because I don't want to go out in this way”. Is Brad Pitt a very intimate and sincere that it is told in an interview with Npr. Those who thought that the handsome Hollywood actor, sex-symbol international, you would immediately forgot about his wife and the mother of his several sons between natural and adopted, maybe ‘jumping’ on a handsome and more young girls, has not been satisfied.

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There have been many women who have been side-by-side after the separation, including one with Jennifer Aniston, his first wife left just to be with Jolie, and brought first to the role of representative, the supreme of all the betrayed and now of the beautiful fifty-year-old. The chronicles report that he had attempted a reconciliation, obtaining a resounding two of spades.

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It is true that Brad Pitt is very close to Sat Hari Khalsa, a known designer. In one shot, published by the weekly magazine Chi, the two were photographed together in a moment of relaxation. It also seems that he would let slip: “it Is very strong and I like the " reasons”, but the relationship is still to be confirmed, while does not need to retry the regret at the end of the marriage with Angelina Jolie.

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