Brad and Angelina tie the relationship, but he lives with Alia shawkat's


Published on May 08, 2020


Brad and Angelina have had a divorce very difficult, after the split in 2016, have made the war with the lawyers, despite the six children together: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivianne. A source told UsWeekly that the relations between the two are now much more civil, to facilitate also the case in the town of the children, although Pitt does not have relations with Maddox and Pax.

Maddox, 18 years old, she attended a university in South Korea, but returned home because of the lockdown due to the emergency Coronavirus, are unknown, however, the reasons for which Brad has no relationship neither with him, nor with Pax. Pitt has, in fact, a new agreement and can see the children much more frequently, now that he has stopped drinking and is sober for almost four years.

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The ex-spouses live only 10 minutes away in Los Feliz, he, in his historic estate, she in a property by $ 25 million. Some voices, however, argue that Brad is the boyfriend of the actress 31-year-old Alia shawkat's and that the two are already living together. The girl was also photographed last week as he emerged from the house to the Hollywood star. The two have been spotted on several occasions together already from last year, when they met thanks to mutual friends.

According to the source of UsWeekly things between the two should be very good, they would be living in their relationship with extreme simplicity, having dinner together at home and doing long rides in the car along the coast, talking about the common passion that united them, namely the art. Before her various gossip had associated with Brad, Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, and Neri Oxman, without considering the fans the nostalgic of the couple Pitt-Aniston, who had spoken of a potential return to the flame!

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