Boyfriend of Antonella Elia: on Morning 5, you are trying to solve the yellow “Delle Piane”, the actor's mind on his last name?


Published on Feb 21, 2020


A few days ago from the living room in the Afternoon 5, as we told you in this article, Biagio d Rings had pointed out that the boyfriend of Antonella Elia could be a liar, a serial, because, in his words, the last name that the usa is not even his. The question of whether there is spoken today in the episode of the Morning 5 of 21 February 2020. The widow of Carlo delle Piane, which should have a relationship with the boyfriend of Antonella Elia, Pietro delle Piane, has refused to participate in the program of Channel 5 to try to shed light on this story.

Carlo delle Piane was a great actor, much loved by the Italian public, and there are those who hypothesize that the boyfriend of Antonella Elia, could in some way have used this “relationship” to make their way in the world of cinema. Of course, even in these pages, if the voice actor had something to say, we would be happy to listen to his version of the facts.

But back to the episode of the Morning 5 today.

“When I was asked if I knew this gentleman, I have said that I do not know, that Charles has never spoken to this person but I do not have any resentment,” said the wife of Carlo delle Piane. The Panicucci decides to go to the bottom of this story. Is shown, then a post on social. The boyfriend of Antonella Elia had published a post, to say goodbye to the actor when he died. Many comments of affection for Charles but also for Peter, who left then understood that he was a relative.

“Hello Peter, I didn't know that was your dad, I'm sorry,” writes a user under this post, while the actor puts I like, without say that is not the son of Carlo. The Panicucci then asks the wife of Charles whether it is a relative: “I've never heard of him it is certainly not a close relative, I have always protected the image of Carlo, I want to speak my truth, is not a person that we have ever attended,” said the widow of the actor.

“I believe that this is a great lack of respect for Carlo, but also for the true father of Peter,” said Federica Panicucci stunned by this story.

This evening will be aired on Big Brother VIP. Antonella Elisa will be informed of this story since it seems that even her house has several references to the kinship between her boyfriend and the great actor Charles?

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