Boruto: the manga reveals the purpose and the obscure origins of Kawaki


Published on Oct 02, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

Inside of the manga version of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations we were left with the future villain Kawaki (on the paper part of the dangerous organisation “Kara” and which yearns for the subjugation of the world) to integrate inside of the house Uzumaki, under the express wish of Naruto himself first of all to collect information in relation to the organization (and what's the best way if you do not invite a component in your own home between the children and wife) and second, because it does not want the same Kawaki feel relegated to the borders of the Leaf Village and considered to be scum (exactly as she felt Naruto when he was little).

Kawaki is a rebel par excellence, and he never had a father that loved him, indeed, sold to the worst bidder, or the leader of the organization, Kara takes the name of Jigen. It has grown and bred, but Kawaki proof deep resentment and hatred for the latter, and the recent chapter of the manga, written by Ukyo Kodachi and designed by Mikio Ikemoto, has tried to explain why the rival Boruto Uzumaki don't you try and love for his new father.

We are talking about the chapter number 27. While Boruto and Kawaki try to appreciate, since they now live together actively, the host asks Boruto as to be caused to the sign, the cursed on the palm (Karma). This sign inspires great energy, but the process of appropriating it means to live a path of the curse. Both guys will have this sign, therefore, it is clear that Kawaki be interested in the reason for which it is procured.

Boruto replied that he obtained in a forced manner after having defeated a God, which is Momoshiki Otsutsuki. The same God, before disappearing, has revealed that killing a god results in a life out of the normal and of course not in a positive sense.

Kawaki is no surprise as he has gotten in a different way.

Kawaki said, and then, its obscure origins on the achievement of Karma. In the age of the tender was trapped in the experimental cells designed for engineering inorganic chemistry. Below these cells there were bags specialized to infuse in the liquid state, the Karma. The father, Jigen, owner of Karma, instilled with the hand this power is in the bags and the pipes were lead to the body of the guys. All the kids that they hired him died shortly after, but the father, Jigen, eager to a container, to get excited about Kawaki, and he was the only one to survive.

I've been following a lot of Naruto/Boruto Twitter accounts lately and in the last 10 hours, half of those accounts have officially changed their Twitter picture to jigen full karma mode from boruto chapter 27. I don't even know whose who anymore😢🤦♂️.

— Abdul Sammad (@Abdul_S17) September 21, 2018

Here is the reason why Kawaki is essential for the Karma and for the father. It is the precious fruit of his crazy scientific work, while the boy, from when he assumed power, has addressed only the hell and trouble.

In fact, just for exploitation, Kawaki hates his new father and, having revealed the origins of his power, he Boruto her objective: to study better and to find out more about the sign of doom to the end to delete it permanently from his body. Although not confident of his rival, even Boruto shares the sense of purpose, so she decides to help him to achieve this common purpose.

A massive foreshadowing was used near the end of the chapter, where kawaki talks about getting rid of the karma seal "brand". This is yet another differentiating factor between the two, kawaki was to get rid of it and boruto is unassertive about his seal.

— Abdul Sammad (@Abdul_S17) September 21, 2018

As the “outline” of this alliance, remember that Kawaki, in the future of the series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, will be the villain and will meet with Boruto the same on the faces of the Hokage with Konoha destroyed.

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations is a manga, drawn by Mikie Ikemoto (assistant of Kishimoto during the serialization of NARUTO) and written by Ukyo Kodachi (assistant of Kishimoto during the realization of the screenplay of the movie “Boruto: Naruto the Movie”) with the supervision of Masashi Kishimoto, which is also be the editor. The work is following the manga “NARUTO”. Currently have been published in 25 chapters, and the first 19 are collected in 5 volumes

In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga with 4 volumes available. The 5th arrives in November 2018.

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