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Published on Oct 10, 2018


WARNING: The article contains SPOILERS.

Inside of the manga version of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, written by Ukyo Kodachi, designed by Mikio Ikemoto and edited and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto, the future and the relentless destroyer of the Leaf Village, Kawaki, he started living in the house Uzumaki with Naruto, Hinata, Himawari and Boruto. The reason for this choice is closely linked to Naruto himself who absolutely does not want a rebel and a vagabond, without parents may feel as him as a child, and, in addition, in order to collect information about the evil organization of which the boy is part of it, namely the organisation Kara, the objective of which is to subject the world at present.

Living together, Boruto and Kawaki are forced to a fraternal relationship, but the two are not even able to bear. However, both have a mark, cursed, clearly, that connects them and that led them, telling their stories about how they got it, to join forces in order to delete that symbol from the palm of their hands, or the power of Karma. This power to Kawaki is a hell, and would prefer to die rather than to rely on this source of power, while Boruto is something which has not yet developed a real thought, but it still accepts the proposal of Kawaki to get rid of the mark.

Kawaki warrant that you have obtained such power directly from a very dangerous man, the evil, the macabre, without any qualms in playing with the lives of others, a man pointing to his goal a bit like Orochimaru. We are talking about Jigen, the leader of the organization.

We do not know much of the power of Jigen, but, otherwise, we have many clues to hazard a guess that he may be the true and greatest villain of the series.

Jigen is the leader of Kara, an organization that aims to subvert the world and its ranks boasts men very powerful, that they share the same end. Jigen, in most, is a man insensitive to, and that also plays with the lives of the children at the purpose of obtain, for the good of the group, the container, i.e. the one who shall possess the power and cursed Karma. And this child was, coincidentally, Kawaki.

Before reaching this achievement, Jigen gets the custody of the father Kawaki after his real dad had abused and then sold. Jigen, then, the promises of power and happiness, a bit like the same Naruto he has always done with his victims before stealing their livelihood to emulate the immortality (the only law which has always recognized).

Spoilers de Boruto Mangá 27

– Ativação de Jigen (karma) lembra de Momoshiki cave.

— Boruto Explorer (@BorutoExplorer) September 19, 2018

Jigen is also a man dedicated to the research on scientific technology of inorganic and through these processes, accompanied by professionals, has the aim of transferring its power to Kara, such a container and, again, this will be Kawaki.

Jigen, in order to obtain his “perfect child“, he has sacrificed so many others in that they are not able to hold the power the cursed Karma. This is another analogy with Orochimaru who has violated both human beings artificial beings in order to get Mitsuki to meet his desires. At a certain point, the professionals ask Jigen, how many experiments has going to conduct and how many human beings sacrifice and Jigen gives the impression, in response, to be more of a human, but a real God, or better to say, a descendant of the Otsutsuki (the clan of Kaguya).

In fact, Jigen says haughty that he and his allies have neither time nor choice, but they only need a container. Immediately after instilling the power of Karma, Jigen gets the container (Kawaki), who now lives in the house Uzumaki.

In the future, remember, the Leaf Village will be destroyed with the status of the Seventh Hokage Naruto is uncertain, but with the certainty of Kawaki and Boruto against one in a duel bloody.

I've been following a lot of Naruto/Boruto Twitter accounts lately and in the last 10 hours, half of those accounts have officially changed their Twitter picture to jigen full karma mode from boruto chapter 27. I don't even know whose who anymore😢🤦♂️.

— Abdul Sammad (@Abdul_S17) September 21, 2018

Despite this, the future-marked, the real villain might just be Jigen, who, strongly desirous of its container, which is now in the hands of a ninja village, will do everything that is most obscure in order to unleash the pandemonium and return to the embrace of his “child”. In other words, Kawaki may be only the puppet of the puppeteer mysterious.

The manga, at the most, it suggests to really that Jigen is not only the owner of Karma, but also an Otsutsuki. The theory is linked to the fact that, once activated, the mark of doom, Jigen takes the peculiarities of dark on the face and body are very similar to those of Momoshiki Otsutsuki (villain defeated by Boruto and has generated the power in question – see the image below). However, again and finally, assuming that Jigen has always been a human which Otsutsuki might have defeated to get that power? Or it is subjected to the genetic inorganic to get it? At the moment it is not yet clear how he obtained power, but there is no doubt of its great role from the villain in the sequel series to Naruto.

Doesn't these markings look similar. Spoilers from Boruto Chapter 27. #boruto #jigen

— The Survivor (@The_Survivr) September 20, 2018

Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations is a manga, drawn by Mikie Ikemoto (assistant of Kishimoto during the serialization of NARUTO) and written by Ukyo Kodachi (assistant of Kishimoto during the realization of the screenplay of the movie “Boruto: Naruto the Movie”) with the supervision of Masashi Kishimoto, which is also be the editor. The work is following the manga “NARUTO”. Currently have been published in 27 chapters, and the first 23 are collected in 5 volumes

In Italy, the manga is published by Planet Manga with 4 volumes available. The 5th arrives in November 2018.

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