Boruto – Naruto the Next Generations: the new villain has a connection with Jiraiya?


Published on Apr 02, 2018


In issue 16 of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine japanese manga published by Shueisha published a couple of weeks ago, gave the prints the chapter number 22 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, the manga written by Ukyo Kodachi, designed by Mikio Iketomoto and edited and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto, which ended the fierce battle between the new Team 7 and found Ao but not under the guise of a shinobi, however.

Once you have completed the battle, with the victory of Boruto after having scored a combination ninja “old school”, Ao, inside of his mind, seems to capture again the feelings of the shinobi and hero of the Village of the Fog which was especially in the period of the Fourth World War of the Ninja (when it was considered dead due to the attack of Jubi at the headquarters of the Alliance).

Ao was a board member for the account of the new organisation of the villain, Kara. The new group, from the lens and the components are still unknown, inside plays a member who has had the opportunity to shine the most and his name is Kashin Koji.

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The character is immediately shown by a ninja, we still don't know if we can call it such, is ruthless without hesitation, he eliminated the senior counselor in the same organization of which it is part, and its role is to recruit members to a third party in order to carry out the objectives of the group evil.

Kashin Koji, between lovers, is finished at the centre of attention as, although partially masked, looks with long hair and white by the signs, presumably red, at the height of the orbit of his eye. These two features were a peculiarity of one of the ninja the most loved in Naruto, master of the protagonist and a former Ninja Legendary, or part ii of the series, and fans have begun to doubt that Koji share a reference to Jiraiya, or even that Koji was the same as Jiraiya.

It is likely that Kashin Koji is either a Sage or Jiraiya''s son (But he's DEFINITELY not Jiraiya). However the marking under his eyes could represent the roman numeral i.e. II. Every 'Kara' member has a number on their face.

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As most people unfortunately know, Jiraiya died in the course of the confrontation with Pain and never come back to life, although Kishimoto has attempted through the technique forbidden “Edo Tensei”, brought into the spotlight by Kabuto Yakushi during the Fourth World War Ninja. The goal was not scored because the body lay in the remote waters of an ocean of Rain, therefore, tap into the DNA of the Reveals was impossible.

But because many fans are fearing that this is a Kashin Koji has a connection with Jiraiya? Apart from the peculiarities, which may, however, be disproved as each Kara has of the symbols of the facial, in the last chapter of the manga Boruto the same member Kara used technique is the recall of a half year, that is, the toads, and, presenting himself to Boruto, he calls him “Boruto-kun”, as if he knew (but Jiraiya has never seen the son of Naruto and Hinata).

These two tests have raised the doubt of the fans, but it is a fact that KASHIN KOJI IS NOT JIRAIYA.

In the original manga, Jiraiya has always sought peace and understanding to the next and for this mission has also sacrificed his life. If he had failed would have given the goal and Naruto the Seventh Hokage is unable to seal Kaguya Otsutsuki, and promoting the success of the Alliance Ninja. Masashi Kishimoto is supervising the manga, therefore, remembers well the nature of His ability and there are chances that you might be voted in to the evil.

It is important to remember that Kishimoto has always been inclined to bring the fan on the wrong way. Especially with the mystery of Obito making to believe to the fans that he really was Madara Uchiha and then bring down this truth into a mere lie.

Kashin Koji has no connection of blood with Jiraiya, which means that it would not be even a possible his son, but the only link, irrefutable, is the ability to call the toads. However, also in this case we could justify such evidence through a logical answer, after an analysis of the first series of the manga of Naruto.

In particular, by reading again the manga of Naruto, exactly in the moment where Naruto signs the contract on the roll of Jiraiya to make the evocations from Mount Myoboku, appear five names. The first three we know of them, Naruto, Jiraiya, and Minato, the three ninja that have appeal to the “Kuchiyose no Jutsu” of toads, but, as you can see on the sticker in the top right, there are two other names that correspond to the other two ninja that logically would have the capacity to use this technique. In Naruto, except Fukasaku and all the toads of mount Myoboku, there was another ninja related to this technique recall, what might be the identity of the two names?

In the light of the deduction that Kashin Koji is not Jiraiya, the possibility of resorting to the toads is written in those names in the rolls never actually revealed in the original manga? Or, exactly as happened with His childhood, Koji has tried to practice evocations and you can be transported into the world Myoboku and learned the techniques of evocation? Naruto and Kodachi will have strong impact this time to justify this shot of the scene?

Many are the mysteries behind the villain and his goal, which the mobility. They'll find out more in the next few months, when the serialization will proceed.

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