Boruto – Naruto the Next Generations: death and rebirth?


Published on Feb 01, 2019


The episode number 91 of the series of animated Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, whose review made by us is accessible by clicking here, has marked the beginning of the end of the narrative arc of the death of Mitsuki, and the whole was mixed with a set of teachings of life linked to the likeness of the will (it is very common in the franchise of Masashi Kishimoto), in being accepted and understood for what it is, whether it is human or not, and, above all, in the concept of death and rebirth.

For reasons of order, however, we should first start from the rebirth.


The episode which aired last Sunday, has presented the final clash of the found Team 7, which is supported by the Third Tsuchikage Onoki, against Kuu, i.e. the “reincarnation” of the will of Onoki created as an artificial human in order to exploit the human machines to address future conflicts and also in order to safeguard the life of the new generation. In the long run, Kuu has acquired more and more power themselves and now, with a heart, he no longer has the intention to carry out the orders of the master Onoki and act of his will towards a future in its own image.

This future is put at risk by Boruto, Sadara and Mitsuki, so part of the battle.

Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are divided, then Kuu confronts Mitsuki and the latter is angry like never before.

So angry to have to put his hands on his companions That evokes, without thinking too much about it, the way a hermit's generated from the power of the serpent. Mitsuki has evoked this power only once, and Orochimaru, the dad of the boy, and artificial, has always been not to ricorrerne in front of his companions would otherwise have been forced to back away to the Leaf Village. And not only that, Mitsuki knows very well that using such power could shatter his life, but seeing the state of his companions and redeem himself from the sins to be escaped (and also to have them almost betrayed), the young boy decides to protect them by all the forces.

This clash is reflected in the great willingness of Mitsuki wanting to protect his friends. A big leap in the quality of the character because at the time it was only appeared as an entity which respected the wishes of Boruto, without showing his point of view.

And now we go to death, but with a big question mark.

The battle to get to the end and Team 7 is completely decimated by the power of Kuu.

Kuu, that is, the will, made the person of Onoki, turns out to be simply a container of Onoki within which he poured out his hate and resentment and that's why the artificial human has taken on the role of the villain of this story arc.

Onoki knew he was doing this to save the new generation after the death of our dear grandson, but now he realizes that thinking this way has not only jeopardised his will, but also, precisely, that of the grandson, now deceased.

The old “two-faced” is reminiscent of his mantra, or to continue for the same way, without taking shortcuts, even if that path proves to be tortuous and complicated. Therefore, driven by this motivation, builds up the last drop of energy and defeats Kuu with his ultimate technique, more powerful, once pulverized, or The Art of Powder: Technique of the Separation of the Atoms.

Defeated the enemy we see Onoki destroyed and tired, almost to declare his last words of hope of peace to Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. This thesis is reflected in the following fragment, in which Onoki, lying, you are greeted and mourned by the current Tsuchikage, Kurotsuchi, and the other ninja of the Rock rattristiti and regret. Onoki seems to have given all of himself to save his will that he was again losing steam and, later, to save the Village of the Rock in danger.

In spite of this sad moment, the episode has not actually confirmed the death of the old man. Next Sunday, with the episode number 92, there will be the transmission of the final story arc of the death of Mitsuki, so we could learn more. Were to materialise such a fate would be a watershed event for the franchise of Naruto saluterebbe a historical character in the series that has had enormous importance in the course of the Fourth World War Ninja.

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