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Published on Dec 04, 2017


The main event of this volume are the selection tests for the new half, in which they participate, as was the case in the past, the candidates of all the villages in the sign of peace being restored. And in this tournament Boruto is facing the son of Shikamaru, Shikadai Nara, his friend. Being in difficulty, Boruto coffin and Shikadai, a worthy son of his father, and not to have more trouble, they give up. Discovered by Naruto, Boruto is disqualified publicly. But events take soon a turn for the worse when the threat is announced by Sasuke arrives at the Village of the Leaf.

In the review of volume one, we had some flaws in the history, that have affected the final vote. Unfortunately, these defects remain, given that even in this, the second volume was the only characters in-depth are Naruto and Boruto and all the others are around it (including Sanada and Mitsuki). And this is a real shame given that the clashes individual among the future half would be given the possibility to deepen and to submit to one of the new generation. Instead, it is preferred in a few cartoons just give only the results of the meetings. If this could also be understandable in a film, which had a fixed maturity and is a main theme, in the medium of the manga is rather incomprehensible. Ukyo Kodachi would have had to take advantage of the different medium to enrich the world that he had written.

However, unlike in the first volume, the advantage here is that the relationship between father and son comes to a clarification of the finally definitive; even if the dialogues are rather scarce (we are always in a shonen and therefore the pace must be fast without wasting too much time in introspection psychological too deep), the game looks, the smiles and tears that accompanies some of the pages he manages to give a description deep is the concern of Boruto not being able to understand the behavior of the father is the fact that even Naruto at the end he understands that it has made mistakes in his role as a father and at the same time Kakashi, having left his public role to prevail on the needs of the family.

The point of encounter between the two characters will be from the visual point of view, when Boruto will go to save the father with a gift fattogli from Sasuke.

As for the design, I can only repeat what has already been said on the occasion of the first volume: the stretch of Mikio Ikemoto resumes totally the one of the master Masashi Kishimoto, here in the guise of only the supervisor, even though in the action scenes you see the difference of designer, given that those Ikemoto are less dynamic in the poses of the characters and in the capacity to transmit the movement. Not to mention the environments, extremely bare in this number, to tell the truth. If we think that Boruto is published monthly, the defect seems even more serious.

The Italian edition of volume two, which as I said takes up the varatteristiche of those of Naruto, it also has a little extra, The club of Boruto, in which are presented the characters of the manga (in this case, the three new arrivals to the Village of the Sand involved in the exam for half).

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