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Published on Dec 03, 2018


If we were to unite the series of Naruto to Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, it is licit to admit that both of the manga series have two major factions that play the role of evil in the narrative. In Naruto we have had the successful Organization of the Dawn (Akatsuki) and Boruto, like the predecessor clearly, the Organization Kara (Shell, according to the translation in the Manga).

Although we know every facet of the Akatsuki, the Kara we know very little. Inside the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, designed by Mikio Ikemoto, written by Ukyo Kodachi, and edited and supervised by Masashi Kishimoto, are the current enemies of the new generation of ninja and have proven to be a very sadistic and full of negative vibes, which, apparently, would have the task to submit once again to the world of ninja after Naruto and the others have saved the revival of Kaguya Otsutsuki.

The Organization is comprised of internal members, but also provides the external components hired to carry out the root cause. Among the members within the Organization at the time, only one of which is significantly more than anyone else and we are talking about the mysterious masked man with white hair named Kashin Koji... and perhaps this is nothing more than a code name or something.

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The Organization has temporarily set aside the goal of conquest of the world ninja to focus the forces on the recovery of Kawaki, or the young guy who represents the heart of the strength of this group. Kawaki is the only one able to control the power of Karma, but he escaped from the group because he wants to get rid of with the whole of himself such a force of hell given to him by Jigen, or the leader of the Organization in question. Currently Kawaki is with Naruto to the Leaf Village and the same Kashin Koji has infiltrated Konoha to retrieve it.

Returning to Kashin Koji, the character has piqued the interest of fans since the authors have recently strongly focused on the gravity of the story about his true identity.

From the physical point of view there appears to be a normal character by the graying hair and beard white, but what it hides is what the authors are trying to suggest to fans that behind, he resides there part ii... or, better, the return from the villain of one of the most important characters and loved the Naruto series.

Jiraiya does not need too many presentations. He was the godfather to Naruto after losing his parents and taught him the way of being a ninja is from the spiritual point of view, that fighting. Jiraiya was the teacher of Naruto and everything, until he met death in one of the skirmishes the most profound and poignant of the entire series against the leader of Akatsuki, Pain.

Jiraiya was also the one who allowed Naruto to get close to Sasuke and to understand it in the concept of pain. Before the death of Jiraiya, Naruto had lived with the pain just to remember it and to not be able to bind with no one as bound to an eternal curse, (Kyubi) while Sasuke has lived the pain and the loneliness with his eyes. It is natural to admit that the pain Naruto has been profound and has characterized it as one of the characters from shonen more non-conformist than ever, but the death of Jiraiya gave him a turning point, the turning point to be able to finally compare with the same weapons with his lost friend, Sasuke.

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Returning to Kashin Koji, the main character is strongly joined to the part ii of the series because the authors are gradually approaching to the character tips and features that unequivocally the approach to the great Hermit of the Toads.

But what are these suggestions and these features? You may be asking. And because Jiraiya would come back to life after his death symbolic?

With this article we not only want to highlight how Koji is close to Jiraiya, but, above all, because the same masked man is NOT Jiraiya with three simple steps.

Now the journey begins. A good read!


Jiraiya is one of the favorite characters in the fan base of Naruto and left all torn when he had to leave. He is certainly the protagonist of one of the skirmishes the most beautiful of all the manga (against the 6 paths of Pain) in which he meets, in fact, the order against one of his first pupils. The time of his departure is one of the most destructive emotional and epic at the same time, a manga designed for children could offer.

A piece that has made Naruto the piece of art that is and a death that has allowed us, despite the pain, the growth of Naruto Uzumaki and his approach to adulthood and the realization that there are bad moments and hard life, that make the collapse of certainties.

It's the same Masashi Kishimoto to claim the will not to bring in the life a half year since his death, has been immensely significant both for the characters and for the fans of Naruto. In addition, it was especially the impact of bringing Naruto to Sasuke.

This is in itself a good reason to believe that Koji is not Jiraiya. The moment of a work of art, the death of Jiraiya would lose its value if Kishimoto and the production was really thinking of a way to bring life to the old hermit. Also, it would be really believable as a character, for throughout his life he has searched for the answer to a world of peace and understanding and that he offered his life to allow the future to live peacefully, back and of his own free will to act for and on behalf of a new and grave threat? The more reason that Naruto is now Hokage?

There is need to emphasize the theory according to which his body lies in the depths of the Ocean in the Village of the Rain, and that, therefore, it would be impossible for the technique of the resurrection to recover parts of the DNA of an actual rebirth. In Boruto we have seen the technology ninja advance from the point of view of the techniques and it would not be difficult to very likely to recall from the dead a body now impossible to recover.

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