Born on the FORUM iSpazio: free support for all problems related to iOS, iPhone and Apple


Published on Mar 21, 2020


Born on the FORUM iSpazio: free support for all problems related to iOS, iPhone and Apple

We are proud to be able to finally present the Forum iSpazio. An important project that will help us to assist you in all issues related to iOS, iPhone and other Apple devices.

As some of you know, a little space was born as a Forum, before even becoming a Blog, getting a great success with well-180.000 members. Were other times, we speak of more than 12 years ago, and the platforms, such as vBulletin and PHPbb were really strong.

Spent a couple of years and I felt the need to evolve the Forum into something more modern, faster and more immediate. Those platforms created a lot of problems were so bad and old that did not represent neither me nor the one that was becoming iSpazio. I decided to create Genius, a portal-style Yahoo Answer where, precisely, you could write questions, and all other users could answer. The approach was similar but in a much more modern. The Genius worked well and also here the number of members rose quickly to 60,000.

Genius, unfortunately, was built from scratch by me and a friend and the security loopholes were felt in a short time. After a series of problems, I decided that it was better to close it.

In all this time, we have never stopped to offer assistance to our users. We have done this before through our iOS application, with the beautiful chat instant Intercom (really too expensive to sustain for the volume of requests that arrived), and then through Messenger with the Page Facebook, thinking that (for convenience) users want to use a platform where they were already enrolled.

These two choices have proven to be of little interest because users continued to us repeatedly asking the same questions and ask for help for the same things, forcing us to work so much but basically to repeat always the same things.

For all these reasons, today we make a return to the Forum, but I guarantee that a return is not, because you'll love the new platform that we have chosen.

The new Forum is built with Flarum, a software that will make the discussions simple, fast, and permanent.

It is open-source, which is very important, it has so many extensions on Github that allow you to expand its basic functionality, but the one that directly affects users is that:

All the potential and the innovations of Genius compared to a Forum, traditional, are well embodied within this new platform, which is really perfect for our needs! We never re-created a Forum if it had not respected these conditions.


In the Forum all of you can enter discussions, requests for help, assistance, you will be guided and assisted to perform certain tasks or to solve problems. The staff will take care of this, and as we will identify even the most experienced users to become moderators of specific sections and will help us to provide you with assistance.

What matters more, is that the discussions remain online, and then in the first place will be indexed on Google, unlike all the years of answers and assistance that we have provided private users, of which there remained no trace of it on the web. In the second place, if you get a request for help with a problem already dealt with, not have to do is link to the previous discussion, saving a lot of time, which we can use in other things.

Revenue and Register for the Forum here. You can start immediately to use it, maybe leaving a message in the Presentations. Let us help to help you :)




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