Born 3Fiber: the fibre ultra-fast less than 20€


Published on Nov 14, 2017


The Mobile operator “Three” made its debut in the world of fixed telephony, proposing offers to connect to the internet using the speed “fiber”.

Who is reached by the optical fiber of the Three-has the ability to activate one of the offers 3Fiber. These rates converged “fixed-to-mobile” that allow new customers to take advantage of a free unlimited from home that can, in the case of fiber, FTTH, up to a maximum of 1 Gig.

Here are the details on the rates available:

This rate offers a fixed phone line with calls to consumption (0 cent/min and 18 hundredths of a shot at the answer) to all fixed and mobile numbers and national landline, international (Europe, USA and Canada) and a free unlimited via the fibre-optic network with a maximum speed of 1 Gigabyte, equal to 1024 Mega, in the case of fiber or FTTH) of 100 Mega, in the case of fibre FTTC.

To complete the benefits included in 3Fiber there is a SIM Three for smartphones with active rate ALL-Fiber that includes 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS and 2 GB of traffic in 4G at each renewal. The thresholds of this rate is renewed every 4 weeks. As regards cost, however, 3Fiber has a fee of 19.90 Euro for every 4 weeks, locked forever. The fare is available with activation and with the bundling of Wi-Fi modem (which costs 4 Euros more per renewal, for up to 48 months).

Clients that aim to enrich their subscription with the free calls towards all fixed and mobile and national fixed, international) from your home phone they can opt for 3Fiber Unlimited, which incorporates all the features of 3Fiber, compersa the SIMS Three to your smartphone, adding the plus of unlimited calls.

3Fiber Unlimtied has a cost of € 24.90 Euro for every 4 weeks. Also in this case, the fee of the tariff is locked for ever. As seen with 3Fiber, even here we can find the free activation and tying, to 4 Euros more per renewal for 48 renewals, the Wi-Fi modem.

If you are not reached by the optical fibre of the Three, and you can activate one of the offers 3ADSL that allow you to navigate from the home up to a maximum speed of 20 Mega via the ADSL network, and are characterized by a quality/price ratio very beneficial. Here are the details of the ADSL offerings of the Three:

This fee includes one phone line with calls at 0 cents/min and step to the answer of 18 cents to fixed and mobile national and a free unlimited via network ADSL 20 Mega. The fare is full with the SIMS Three for smartphones with 1000 minutes, 1000 SMS and 2 GB in 4G.

3ADSL has a cost of 17.90 Euro for every 4 weeks. Also in this case we find the tying for the Wi-Fi modem from lower cost (2 Euros to be extended to 48 months) compared to the offerings 3Fiber. The activation is free of charge.

Completes the offerings are Three for who is reached by the ADSL network, the rate 3ADSL Unlimited, which enriches 3ADSL with the addition of free calls from home phone. This fare costs 22,90 Euro to renewal for ever, which sum the cost of the tying of the modem, Wi-Fi 2 Euros per renewal for 48 renewals.


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